Kevin Hart to Star in Scrooged Remake


We haven’t seen an adaptation of the Charles Dickens holiday classic A Christmas Carol on the big screen for almost a decade now (the Robert Zemeckis / Jim Carrey 3D performance capture film hit theatres in 2009) so it would appear that a new version is somewhat overdue. Foxcatcher director Bennett Miller has been developing one for a few years now, but the status of that project remains unclear. In the meantime, Kevin Hart is about to throw his own hat in the ring with another modern retelling. This will not be an entirely original take on the material, however; Hart will reportedly star in a remake of the 1988 Bill Murray comedy Scrooged. Hit the jump for more info.

According to THR, Paramount and Kevin Hart are teaming up to develop a remake of Scrooged. Hart will produce and potentially star in the movie with a search now underway for a writer. The original was written by Mitch Glazer and Michael O’Donaghue with Richard Donner directing.

In the 1988 version, Bill Murray plays a self-centered TV exec who is visited by ghosts and learns to reconnect with the people around him and embrace the Christmas spirit. There is no word on whether they plan to update the story, but if they choose to stray, you have to wonder why they need to call it Scrooged at all. Bill Murray is what made the original unique, so why do they need that specific script or title? Are you at all interested in a new version of Scrooged?

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Sean, surely that headline should come with a trigger warning. Kevin Hart, remake and scrooged are words that don’t belong in a sentence together.