Christopher Nolan’s Next Film Gets a Title and Cast


It goes without saying that fans have been clamouring for more details on Christopher Nolan’s next film which, up until now, has been shrouded in secrecy as per usual. Warner Brothers set a 2020 release date back in January and a few months later we started hearing some casting news. But with production now officially underway as of this week, Warner Brothers has finally announced a title and a full cast list as well. The movie is reportedly called Tenet and it is described as “an action epic evolving from the world of international espionage.” I guess we’re finally getting that Bond movie he wanted to direct after all. Hit the jump for more info.

According to the official press release, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet features an ensemble cast led by John David Washington and supported by Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clémence Poésy, with Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh. Nolan wrote the screenplay himself and the movie will be shot using a mixture of IMAX and 70mm film. The plot is still being kept under wraps but the movie is expected to hit theatres on July 17th, 2020.

Hoyte van Hoytema (Dunkirk, Interstellar) will return as director of photography, but interestingly, Nolan will not be working with his usual musical collaborator Hans Zimmer this time around. Instead, Tenet will receive a score from Oscar-winning composer Ludwig Göransson (Black Panther). The creative team is rounded out by editor Jennifer Lame, costume designer Jeffrey Kurland, and visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson with Emma Thomas on board as producer. Are you looking forward to Christopher Nolan’s Tenet?

  • Jake

    No Zimmer? Can;t wait to hear what Frank has to say about this lol. Nolan would be awesome for Bond, but just curious if he has ever been offered to direct one officially? Or has it only ever been rumours?

  • Beat_C
  • Dinobot2

    Wasn’t a fan of Interstellar or Dunkirk. Hopefully this one is, you know, better.

  • Frank’s 12/5 from 2020.

  • Fletcher Thomas

    Following: good
    Memento: fun but a bit too cooool, y’know?
    Insomnia: like it, Pacino does the business
    Batman Begins: wicked origin, second half a bit blerg
    Prestige: perfection
    Dark Knight: perfection
    Inception: great but a bit too much blaa blaa blaa dialogue
    Dark Knight Rises: very good but a bit too much blaa blaa blaa dialogue
    Interstellar: see Dark Knight Rises
    Dunkirk: perfection