Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer


It’s time once again to try and put past mistakes out of your mind and challenge yourself to care about the Terminator movie franchise. There is a new movie coming later this year (the sixth installment, for those keeping track) called Terminator: Dark Fate and it is being billed as a proper sequel to Judgment Day with James Cameron back on board as a producer and Linda Hamilton returning as Sarah Connor. Arnold is here too, of course, but there are some new characters falling into familiar roles with Mackenzie Davis playing a new model Terminator protecting a girl (Natalia Reyes). It’s still not entirely clear what happened between T2 and this movie though. Directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool), Terminator: Dark Fate hits theatres on Nov. 1st; check out the first trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

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  • pcch7

    Not a fan of that song but I’ll give it a shot

  • RockJoker

    Fucking hell. This looks embaracing.

  • 1138sw

    Not sure what to make of it…have hope with Cameron involved but this looks…ok? I’m gonna see it either way especially with the talent involved…but I really hope this does the franchise justice.

  • tabby meenie

    it looks silly but fun. linda hamilton looks so cool! i’ll check it out i reckon

  • Terminator: Dawn of the Dark Fate Rising

  • Jake

    I’m excited for this based on the T2 tie in but that David Goyer written screenplay has me concerned. I also saw a Reddit post today from Schwarzenegger announcing the trailer. He was asked if this was going to be R rated and couldn’t confirm as it “hadn’t been to the ratings board yet”. But wouldn’t you know if you had made an R rated movie or not?? The fact that this could still end up being another PG-13 terminator is a buzz kill.

  • Maybe it’s just me but this looks closer to the last three films than the first two.

  • They might be still editing it. Cutting a teaser does not warrant a finished film.

  • Ryan Barrett

    This trailer looks like the swampiest, swamp ass. They should’ve just called it James Cameron Presents: Terminator: Netflix Level

  • Jake

    I agree, but I find it odd that they didn’t announce that this would be R rated from the get go. I was expecting them to move away from PG-13 based on the failures of the other reboots. I find it hard to believe that Cameron comes back for a water downed entry in the franchise he helped launch. I just want confirmation lol.

  • Beat_C

    “dark fate”? is this a joke? also, aren’t we over the slowed down cover versions in trailers?

  • colin the dude

    ‘Dark Fate’? More like ‘Dark Fart: The Frankie Knezic Story’.

  • bendoofus

    James Cameron may be involved, but let’s not forget he was saying this last time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8Xx9agRgS4

  • Dinobot2

    This looks like trash.

  • LOL Very true very true!! But though I was not impressed with this new teaser I have hope…I want to have hope! : )

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Glad I’m not the only one over this. It seems like every 2nd trailer now MUST incorporate a depressing, tranquilized version of an old hit (San Andreas being the most egregious).