Murder Mystery Trailer Starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston

Murder Mystery

Much has been said about the questionable quality of Adam Sandler’s recent Netflix movies, but the bottom line is that people seem to be watching them — so much so that Netflix had no problem signing him to star in four more. This next wave of Happy Madison films seems to be upping the ante a bit in terms of talent, although whether that will pay off remains to be seen. Jennifer Aniston stars opposite Sandler in Murder Mystery, a generically-titled comedy that finds a New York cop and his wife framed for murder during a European vacation. The script comes from respected screenwriter James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) and the movie co-stars Gemma Arterton, Luke Evans and Terence Stamp. Murder Mystery is directed by Kyle Newacheck (Game Over, Man!, Workaholics) and it arrives on Netflix on June 14th. Check out the trailer below and see what you think.

  • Jay Beezy

    Actually the first Happy Madison movie under the second deal was a David Spade movie called Father of the Year. Plus his stand up special was also Happy Madison.

  • Jake

    Kinda sounds like it may be the comedic companion film to Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, which I think also comes out later this year. Murder mysteries are making a comeback?? I think it may finally be time for Murder, She Wrote: The Movie.

  • Sean

    Oops thanks, forgot about those.

  • Sean

    NBC was trying to do a remake of Murder She Wrote with Octavia Spencer a few years back. Not sure what happened with it.

  • Mrespony

    Murder Mystery? Is he even trying anymore? What’s next? Serious Drama? Funny Comedy?

  • Jay Beezy

    Just FYI, the movie was called Murder Mystery before he got involved.