Hulu’s Catch 22 Trailer Starring George Clooney


Although George Clooney rose to fame on TV shows like The Facts of Life, Roseanne and, of course, E.R., he has not really returned to the small screen since 2000 (with the exception of another appearance on E.R. near the end of its run). But of course, television being the respected medium that it is today, he is now lending his talents as a director, producer and star to a new adaptation of Joseph Heller’s satirical 1961 WWII novel Catch 22. Previously adapted as a movie by Mike Nichols in 1970, this new six-episode mini-series co-stars Christopher Abbott and Kyle Chandler and looks to bring new relevance to the story’s themes. Catch 22 arrives on Hulu on May 17th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • TimC

    Catch-22 (1970) is #1 on my “why is there not a Blu-Ray release” list.

    I really love the movie, but it seems to have been mostly forgotten.