Film Junk Podcast Episode #703: Hellboy


0:00 – Intro: The Deaner
16:30 – Review: Hellboy
39:30 – Headlines: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer
51:25 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Kid Who Would Be King, The Lineup, Nightfall, The Burglar, Experiment in Terror, Guava Island, Game of Thrones
1:23:30 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:23:55 – Outro

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  • Tommy

    Sean. I bet you heard the Fantomas cover of Experiment In Terror.

  • Todd S. Gallows

    You beat me to it.

  • yonato

    Agree with you 100% on Game of Thrones Frank.

  • Sean

    It’s possible although I don’t think I ever owned this album.

    I did find an old Henry Mancini tribute album called Shots in the Dark that *may* have been where I heard it originally.

  • Nic

    IMO the sound quality is noticably better now! Keep up the good work guys!!

  • devolutionary

    The Rosemary’s Baby track is my favourite. I would recommend you also check out Petra Haden’s (ex-Decemberists) album “Petra Goes to the Movies”. Classic vocal-pop tributes to film scores.

  • Sam

    I really need to rewatch Nightfall. I love Jacques Tourneur and noir but that was one I watched maybe 2 years ago and did not like it. Quality wasnt great so maybe a Criterion channel revisit is in order.

    I did enjoy The Burglar and The Lineup watching those around the same time too though.

  • Ives

    Moratorium on Frank whining about ADR in movies or being a killjoy on anything that’s super-popular like Game of Thrones.

  • tyler mikol

    I loved hearing about The Criterion Channel viewings Jay and Sean has this week. I watched a few Noirs this week also. THE BIG HEAT which is a masterpiece and probably in my top 3 Noirs of all time. Then I watched PUSHOVER with Fred MacMurray and a 20 year old Kim Novak. It’s great as well. I’ll be checkin out the ones our boys talked about, and Frankie, stay away from TCC. It ain’t for ya bud.

  • tyler mikol

    I’m happy I’m not as smart as Frankie. It would suck to be able to predict every piece of dialogue and to figure out how every film
    Is going to end before watching it.

  • Sam

    I kinda given up on Frank actually watching some interesting stuff. I love Frank but it seems like 90% of what he watches outside of something within the current year is a rewatch.

    For someone who dislikes a lot of whats popular and says he likes hidden gems, he really doesn’t do much digging for those gems. Instead, he tries to polish rocks in plain sight into gems with force feeds.

    Love ya though Frank! Just some times wish I coule hear some of those irrational thoughts applied to a wider range of movies.

  • devolutionary

    Haven’t seen it in ages either. I recall mixed feelings over the change in tone and characters throughout. Remember loving the setup so it definitely deserves a rewatch.

  • Beat_C

    perfect sound quality ???????? thanks for another great show.

  • tyler mikol

    You are spot on. I also love our dear Frank but he should try to dig some more. Instead of watching Major League for the 300th time he could go check out some True under seen gems. Let’s bring back Prescribing Frank!

  • Sean

    The Big Heat is one of my favourites out of the ones I’ve seen as well. It occurs to me that when Reed was asking for recommendations a month or two ago I mentioned White Heat when I really meant The Big Heat.

  • Not bullshit Frank. I absolutely remember the reel change pop in Return of the Jedi during the Jabba’s Palace scene. I saw that film 4 or 5 times at the same theater. This particular pop was slightly more noticeable than others, so for years I always expected it to be there even on VHS.

  • sansho1

    We had the album of the Mancini score when I was a kid, and a friend and I used to terrorize my younger sister by playing it and telling scary stories of murder and abduction by monsters. It really is quite creepy and holds up great.

  • kent88

    People should watch this while they wait for next week’s episode:

  • Tommy

    That Death Proof into is amazing. I can’t believe it’s been almost 12 years.

  • OsoDuck

    I’m pretty sure Llorona would be pronounced Yo ro na. Off the top of my head, I think It’s a traditional mexican tale about a ghoul woman who murders children, and apparently the traditional song associated with it was incorporated into Pixar’s Coco, from what I’ve just gleaned from a quick youtube search.

  • Sam

    White Heat is great too! But yeah, The Big Heat is also a favorite of mine.

    I first watched probably like 10 years ago and I think I had it rated at 4/5, but after rewatching recently, it’s a 5-banger easy and a Top 10 noir for me.

  • filmstache

    The Fantomas cover is really great!

  • Sam

    Yeah, La Llorona is kind of an equivalent to something like Bloody Mary in terms of folklore.

    Your pronunciation is basically right. It’s more of a soft/short R, so it’s kind of like Yor-o na. Almost like saying “Euro” but with a “yo” instead of “you” sound

  • colin the dude

    This reminds me. Been meaning to ask, how come Roman never comes on the show?

  • colin the dude

    These are big facts.

    But it’s also the reason the Jay/Frank push and pull is such gold.


    This listener is really enjoying the new Criterion Channel too; especially the Columbia Noir series that Jay and Sean mentioned in this week’s podcast. Also rewatched Blood Simple for the 1st time in 10 years including the many related accompanying Criterion features. Hoping future podcasts continue to mention offering on this channel. Fingers crossed that this great service can sustain and succeed for many years.

  • kent88
  • Sean

    He’s got 3 kids and travels a lot for work so he’s got a lot going on. He does still make it out to the drive-in from time to time though. It would be great to get him back on at some point!

  • Lior

    This video is like a lost treasure. I have never seen it. The video podcast thing must make a comeback!

  • Lior

    This video is like a lost treasure. I have never seen it. The video podcast thing must make a comeback!!

  • Lior

    I just blind-bought this from Indicator even though I knew it’s gonna be on the Criterion Channel… have yet to watch.

  • Lior

    Sean, George RR Martin has stopped writing scripts for the TV show after season 4 so that he can concentrate on his novels.
    As we can all see, that has not achieved the desired result since book 6 is not out yet, and from season 7 onward the scripts are based on Martin’s general outlines but obviously not any completed works. We can debate whether that compromised the quality of the show, but people love what they are seeing. The show has never been bigger. Of course we all have preferred that the novels stay ahead of the show but that was not to be.

  • Sean

    Yeah I just meant that they are still working from his basic plan, it’s not like they cut him off and took it in some completely unauthorized different direction. But I don’t doubt that the show would have benefited from having him more directly involved throughout.

  • TimC

    Frank’s analysis of Game of Thrones’ most recent seasons is spot-on.

    It was a little frustrating to hear Jay accuse him of just being anti-COPO, as I think Jay would probably actually agree if he was caught-up.

    Hopefully the guys can reprise this discussion once everyone finishes watching the complete series.

  • Nobody

    I also agree with Frank about Game of Thrones. I feel there’s been a steady decline in quality even as its popularity has skyrocketed, with overly contrived or convenient plotting/character behavior becoming common features of the show.

  • J.C.

    Catching up on old episodes and your talk about Dean Cundey on this episode reminded me of something I forgot to tell you guys awhile back. When Cundey attended Texas Frightmare a couple of years ago for The Thing 35th anniversary, he also did one of his own panels and I felt I had no choice but to ask him about Nothing But Trouble for Frankie.

    I did and he actually talked about it a bit more than I expected him too. You can’t really hear me ask the question but I basically just told him I loved Nothing but Trouble and asked him if he could talk about it. Anyway…enjoy!