Monday Morning Box Office Report: Shazam! Stays at #1, Hellboy and Missing Link Go Down in Flames


WB’s Shazam! held its ground at the box office over the weekend, taking advantage of some relatively weak performances from newcomers to remain at #1. The movie added another $25.1 million domestically and has now earned $221 million worldwide, which is not bad although it only has one more week before Avengers: Endgame drops. The Regina Hall comedy Little opened with $15.5 million, showing up Hellboy and stealing second place. In third place, Neil Marshall’s Hellboy reboot debuted with a disappointing $12 million, significantly less than Guillermo Del Toro’s films earned back in 2004 and 2008. No doubt the scathing reviews played at least some part in that. Pet Sematary and Dumbo rounded out the top 5. Elsewhere, After opened in eighth place while Missing Link was left out in the cold with just $5.8 million, by far the lowest opening ever for a Laika film. You have to wonder how much longer the studio can continue to produce films that are critical darlings but commercial failures.

1. Shazam! — $25.1M
2. Little — $15.5M
3. Hellboy — $12M
4. Pet Sematary — $10M
5. Dumbo — $9.2M
6. Captain Marvel — $8.6M
7. Us — $6.9M
8. After — $6.2M
9. Missing Link — $5.8M
10. The Best of Enemies — $2M

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  • I keep waiting for Laika to make something as amazing as Coraline again, I guess it was Henry Selick that elevated that one. I admire their work more than I actually enjoy their films.

    Looks like Frank’s boycott was incredibly effective, did he stay strong or did he end up hate-watching it?

  • Beat_C

    yeah, i immediately thought of frank when i read that “hellboy” had flopped so hard, haha. and i completely agree with you on laika, i didn’t really like any of their movies much after “coraline”.

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