Film Junk Podcast Episode #702: Dragged Across Concrete


0:00 – Intro: Criterion Channel Launch
17:45 – Review: Dragged Across Concrete
52:35 – Other Stuff We Watched: Shazam!, The Golden Head, Talk Radio, The Wrestler, The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, Mediterranean Holiday
1:36:35 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:38:25 – Outro

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  • Essie

    Thank you very much for the show! Dragged Across Concrete to me is the worst film of the decade, other than maybe this guy’s last film um Riot In Cell Block 44. I can’t really think of a film that has such strong dog whistles as this. I found it to be vile & racist, simply put.

    I was wondering if a Disney Renaissance premium podcast could be in the works? I still am really interested in that and with Dax it could be amazing imo. Thank you for all you do, I don’t want to sound greedy by requesting things. Just an idea!

  • Sean

    We haven’t fully discussed it but I think we’re all on board for a Disney Renaissance premium, probably around when The Lion King remake hits theatres?

  • doubledragfool

    Best of 2007 next week??

  • Sean

    No probably the week after.

  • tyler mikol

    The Criterion Channel is oh so rad. I got that exclusive Charter subscription. Maybe if Frankie boy was on twitter he would have seen it. Twitter does mostly suck but it also has a few benefits. City Lights was my first film watched on CC, now let the criterionitis begin. 6/5

  • Beat_C

    or maybe his cinephile friends could let him know? ????

  • Beat_C

    pleeeease do a dumpster dive review of “welcome to marwen”!

  • Sam

    Was a day 1 Filmstruck subscriber and also a charter subscription for this. It’s great. Like Jay, I also mainly go for the non-Criterion releases on there since I usually tend to buy the physical copies for most of what I’m very interested in.

    For Sean though, I see Mikey and Nicky on there on my end.

    I don’t think so much that stuff is on a limited release on the Criterion Channel anymore than they were on Filmstruck, they’re just slowly trickling stuff on there on a release schedule in the early going, I’m assuming to make sure they’re servers can handle it or to minimize any trouble people might have.

  • Sean

    That’s weird, yeah I guess I didn’t realize the Movie of the Week thing was happening before the official launch so maybe you only get those if you signed up before they were originally offered. That being said, I think all of the other Movie of the Week titles from the last month or so are available to me so I’m not sure why Mikey and Nicky isn’t.

  • Sam

    But I do see it on there. I just searched “Mikey and Nicky” and I get the movie, a “TV Spot”, and three other videos talking about Mikey and Nicky in my results.

  • Sean

    Sorry I should have specified that I only signed up like a day before launch. When did you sign up?

  • Sam

    OH, gotcha. Yeah I’m a charter subscriber. Signed up as soon as I got an e-mail about it for being a Filmstruck subscriber. I didn’t think there would be an actual difference between Charter and non-charter outside of pricing.

  • tyler mikol

    Yea I can confirm Mikey and Nicky is showing up on my Criterion Channel and it is sitting in my watchlist. I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing it Sean. Charter subscribers might get a little more this first month, that’s all I can think of.

  • Sam

    Definitely watch Mikey and Nicky. One of my favorites when I watched it probably a decade ago now. Was excited when Criterion first announced it.

  • Sean

    The weird thing is that as far as I can tell I *am* a charter subscriber since I am getting the charter pricing. I just happened to sign up on the last day the charter membership was still available.

    I did read that the movies of the week were for charter members only. I guess you had to sign up when that movie was being offered in order to get access to it afterward.

  • devolutionary

    That may be correct. That’s how I initially watched it. Surprised it’s not searchable anymore. I know Chungking Express was a MOTW installment and it’s still there. Maybe some Canadian license issue?

  • Sean

    That is also definitely possible.

  • PatoUno

    Ouch, losing the drive thru is like losing a member of the Film Junk podcast.

    Also I am formerly OsoDos but I unhooked from facebook so I had to change my profile pic and decided to change user name to accord with profile pic. Thank you for your time.

  • Thom

    Has this episode not appeared on the RSS feed for some reason…? Or is it just me?

  • Sean

    Which feed are you using and/or what podcast software are you using?

    I switched the site over to https this week, which has caused some issues but it seems to be updated properly everywhere I look.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    How about a “Hellboy” and “Blade” Premium featuring mostly del Toro.

  • Thom

    I’ve always used which is the one linked to by the RSS feed icon on the front of this site..I see if you click there the most recent episode isn’t showing. I use Media Monkey for podcast capture.

  • Sean

    Oh okay, I thought you meant the podcast feed itself. Yeah looks like that one is broken currently. I will try to fix it soon but in the meantime you can use this instead:

  • Thom

    That’s great, thanks!

  • Newtman98

    Frank doesn’t even have a youtube channel yet and i’m already subscribed.

  • colin the dude

    Frank, I rewatched GDT’s Hellboy and while I love GDT and his tactile monster-mash chops, he isn’t an agile storyteller. You guys get giddy at the remake being exactly 2 hours yet GDT’s is 132 minutes. The story becomes a real slog for literally 45 minutes in the middle. Good BBQ flick but I can’t watch it at full attention.

  • colin the dude

    Also, hey Sean, would you consider revisiting The Mist for the 2007 episode? The original Mist review remains a classic.

  • Those Hellboy movies are not good IMO. Especially Hellboy 2. Haven’t seen it since the theater but I remember the final battle just being him smashing a bunchy of CGI robots for 30 minutes and I was bored to tears.

  • Or Reddit. Or or any other site where serious media collector’s discuss things online.

    The /r/dvdcollection and /r/criterion and /r/boutiquebluray subreddits haven’t shut up about it since Filmstruck closed down.

  • That’s going to be an epic list. 2007 is probably the single best year for films since I’ve been alive (1975):

  • Jr

    I vote for The Assassination of Jesse James as the 2007 review. One of my favorites and didn’t get the spotlight that other 2007 releases did.

    I really like Dragged Across Concrete but I’m with Frank about the writing…what’s up with this guys dialogue? It’s so awkward and stiff. I can see the comparison to Mamet in the way people talk but it’s the words and phrases that Zahler writes that make it really unnatural. Especially when everyone in the movies talk the same way.

  • colin the dude

    I put him in the same camp as Edgar Wright. Absolute charmer; Ace ambassador to cinema, yet their films are often bloated and try hard when they should be smoother and leaner.

  • nate_austin75

    I agree, I also vote for The Assassination of Jesse James as it is a great film and isn’t discussed hardly at all compared to the other classics which came out that year.

  • milan

    No comment from Frank on SHOTGUN SAFARI the game? Loved the hand acting when they were playing it…

  • pcch7

    I’d like a Frank reaction video on the Lion King trailer

  • sansho1

    I take Jay’s point that a main character’s viewpoint doesn’t necessarily reflect the point of view of the filmmaker (or, “writer/director”, more accurately). But a couple of the lines in the early Don Johnson scene, particularly the one outburst by Vaughn’s character, are awkward in a way that often suggests an overt explication of the movie’s thematic intentions.