Nicolas Winding Refn’s Too Old to Die Young Trailer


We saw a short teaser of sorts last year but now this week Nicolas Winding Refn has finally dropped the first full trailer for his upcoming Amazon series Too Old to Die Young along with a release date. The show is co-written by Ed Brubaker (Criminal) and stars Miles Teller as a grieving police officer in L.A. dealing with the death of his partner, but on a deeper level it is about “existential journeys from being killers to becoming samurais in the city of angels.” As you can probably guess, there is lots of beautiful imagery, a throbbing Cliff Martinez score and lots of slow-mo… perhaps that is why each episode of the 10-episode series is going to be 90 minutes long. Could this actually be too much of a good thing? Too Old to Die Young co-stars Jena Malone, Billy Baldwin, John Hawkes, Nell Tiger Free, Babs Olusanmokun, Callie Hernandez, and Cristina Rodlo and it arrives on Amazon Prime on June 14th. Check out the trailer below.

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  • Jameson

    1000% in. NWR + Cliff Martinez + Ed Brubaker? This will ooze style and ultraviolence.

  • 1138sw

    Love NWR!! his work justs blows me away! And yes pun intended! Looking forward to this!!

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Isn’t this just 10 movies? The first episode followed by 9 sequels? I’ll watch 1 a year to give it the same time investment I do with other movie franchises.

  • Lori Cerny


  • Lori Cerny


  • Facebook User

    I guess I’ll be the philistine to call BS. I can’t stomach Windings drivel. It’s insufferable text book style over substance. Is anybody in the least bit surprised these are going to be 90 minutes each? Anybody? Leave out the pregnant pauses and the simmering knowing looks and the certainly 45 minutes per episode of characters staring silently at each other, or clouds or bushes or a flake of paint and you could probably boil them down to about 12 minutes. I’m going to try and watch an episode but just thinking it about makes me feel like Elaine Benes watching the English Patient on an endless loop.

  • Fletcher Thomas

    “Pregnant pauses”, “simmering knowing looks”, “characters staring silently at each other.”

    Hahaha. I love Nicolas Winding Refn. But you’re not wrong.

  • Jonny Ashley

    Yeah Ed Brubaker rocks. NWR has the occasional style-over- substance dilemma, but he’s never lacking in style. I have no worries about this dream-team.