Film Junk Podcast Episode #701: The Beach Bum


0:00 – Intro: Episode 700 Grand Total + Frank’s New TV + Jay’s Target Trip
22:15 – Review: The Beach Bum
49:25 – Headlines: Joker Trailer
55:15 – Other Stuff We Watched: Dumbo (2019), There’s Nothing Out There, Serenity (2019), Dark Shadows, The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Triple Frontier, My Cousin Vinny, Q The Winged Serpent, After Life, The Dawn Wall
1:34:15 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:37:45 – Outro
1:46:30 – Spoiler Discussion: Serenity

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  • Loofton

    I can instantly hear the increased sound quality with the new mics. Congrats on the big take, boys!

  • Essie

    Thank you for the show. I am really happy for you all, you deserve all the monies. It was strange hearing my favorite podcasters (you!) talk about my least favorite podcasters (Rogan & Sam Harris). :o

    edit: was that 750 thing a joke? I think it was a joke. It had to be a joke, right? ha ha ha …right?

  • Tommy

    One weekend I’m gonna have me a Book of Henry/Serenity double feature.

  • Tommy

    Is it a Canadian thing to say ‘cash’ instead of ‘checkout’ or ‘register’?
    I’ve noticed it in the last couple of eps.

  • Frank on Dumbo (2019): looks like garbage, takes the magic out, too long, barely a pass… 3.5/5

    The King of Letterboxd continues to prove he has the weirdest star ratings

  • Colin

    Film Junk Season 28: Cloud Laser

  • Colin

    A Michael Mann Premium ~MUST HAPPEN~

  • Colin


  • Indianamcclain

    As of late John Debney’s scores have been pretty generic. However, his score for Cutthroat Island is one of my favorites.

  • devolutionary

    Maybe? I sometimes say the latter two, but it’s never crossed my mind before. (C)ash does (R)ule (E)verything (A)round (M)e!

  • Indianamcclain

    Idk why but Jonah Hill was the only performance in Beach Bum that did nothing for me.

  • devolutionary

    The Captcha stuff is interesting if a bit disconcerting. You imagine that humans are pretty good at uniquely identifying patterns in objectively abstract objects, but applying that to smart driving still seems shaky. I do know that certain captcha systems were being used by archaeologists to help decipher buried scripts, etchings, and markings in various languages that were previously deemed illegible.

  • Jameson

    The Beach Bum might be my favorite movie of the year thus far. My friend and I went to a 10:15AM showing and laughed ourselves silly.

  • cjflan32

    I thought your Serenity spoiler talk was some kind of truncated April Fool’s prank. The film sounds ridiculous.

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    Using your two 6 stars to create a 12 has to become a thing, right?

  • tyler mikol

    I saw Free Solo and The Dawn Wall both in the theater last year. Frank was asking why it took so long for these dudes to climb the dawn wall and Alex did his free climb in hours. The answer is that The Dawn Wall is the part of el cap that the sun hits first thing in the morning hence it’s name, and it was called impossible to climb, no one ever did it before. In order for this climb to be legitimate they couldn’t touch the ground again until they reached the top. They spent about a month on the wall before it was complete which is insane. They are both 2 completely different styles of climbing. Alex’s line wasn’t super hard for pro climbers of course it becomes a different beast when you aren’t tied off to anything. So If you liked FREE SOLO definitely check out THE DAWN WALL.

  • Lori Cerny

    This is really fascinating. Where did you find this information?

  • colin the dude

    Guys, how about we get in touch with Ed Torian and turn this lie detector idea into reality. He can’t be that difficult to contact.

  • Nic

    Would there ever be a possibility of a Larry Cohen premium? I have been meaning to watch more of his films and a premium cast would be a nice incentive

  • Oso Jugo

    Tim Burton’s two Batmans are the only superhero movies I enjoy because he makes Batman kind of crazy. Anyone in real life who seriously attempted to be a superhero would be crazy, and Batman is the only superhero who is sometimes framed through a lens of crazy (although even Burton’s films don’t dive deep enough into Batman’s madness as I would like). His arch-villain, the joker, is a metaphor for raving madness. Gotham doesn’t have a prison, it has an Asylum named in honor of Lovecraft’s work. Batman needs to be John Trent in In the Mouth of Madness, who thinks he solves a crime, but in the end finds out he is the criminal. He was the Joker all along. Something like that.

    Or if you want a corporate millionaire to play detective at night, just have him put a Zorro mask on or something. No one would theme his detective hobby with bat paraphernalia unless he was touched in the head. On top of that, you got this rich crazy guy dressed up in bat stuff driving around in high tech kit, with all sorts of high tech gear, chasing the joker, who is essentially a crazy homeless person. In fact, all of Batman’s villains seem to be crazy homeless people. The Penguin lives in the sewer in Batman Returns. In Batman Forever, the two Jokers in that one seem to have established a lair in an abandoned building. It’s like the wet dream of wasp capitalism. Have the hero be a super rich business owner who cleans all of those unsightly poor people and punks off of our beautiful city streets. It is retarded to go realistic with it because the notion that Batman would be a hero in real life is total madness.

    Then Nolan comes along and makes Batman definitely not crazy and completely botches the job, making the Joker the only vital thing in his movies. Christian Bale’s Batman should have been less Batman and more Bateman. In fact, American Psycho already is the most realistic Batman movie there is. A crazy rich guy who goes around the city at night stabbing poor homeless men to death and then stomping their little dogs too.

    Now this Joker film looks like a study of madness, which seems interesting, but I would say the last thing it needs is Batman showing up in the last reel to save the day. What would people think if Batman showed up at the end of King of Comedy? Why even call it Joker? It almost seems like Taxi Driver too. Putting Batman in Taxi Driver would have killed Scorsese’s career before it had even started. Travis Bickle is sort of what batman would be in real life, so who needs the cartoon version? It is fundamentally flawed thinking.

  • Frank Booth


    Also worth noting that The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs is going to be showing Q tonight at 9pm EST over on Shudder. It will be part of a double feature, which I hope will include another Cohen movie.

  • Tommy

    I still want that Korine premie! I wanna hear Frank’s thoughts on Julien Donkey Boy and Mr Lonely a lot.

  • Niklas

    glad you guys got money for new equipment but why is the audio so compressed now?

  • Sean

    I would be game but I don’t know if there is enough interest out there.

  • Sean

    It is 100% real.

  • Sean

    We are experimenting with some post-process changes as well.

  • Nic

    I would guess so as well but perhaps he could be a candidate in a couple of years when you truly have run out of franchises and notable directors to cover

  • Niklas


  • devolutionary

    Luis von Ahn, a Computer Science professor @ Carnegie Mellon, invented reCAPTCHA which Google eventually bought in ’09. The software is basically a combination of OCR and the Captcha Turing test. Since OCR is far from perfect, the results are used to compare transcriptions of previously unreadable text with “human computation”. There was even a Ted talk about “crowdsourcing AI”. I have no idea if it’s still being used for the same purpose today. reCAPTCHA is the system where a set of distorted phrases are displayed on screen. One obvious, the other difficult.

  • Sean

    If you have opinions on the sound of the show, feel free to let us know or recommend other podcasts for reference quality. I don’t love the super compressed sound generally speaking but I prefer our show to not be so quiet compared to other podcasts.

  • Oso Jugo
  • Falsk

    You know a mic’s good when you can literally hear the bile in Jay’s throat during a belch! ?????????

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Really, you don’t like Sam Harris & Rogan? After the Filmjunk gents these are my 2 favourite podicasts (and funnily enough the one thing that Jay raised about the Facebook podcast was the one thing that really stuck in my mind too “we already know you’re a human by the way you move the mouse”). Maybe it’s a but unfair to ask why you don’t like Harris & Rogan as I assume if you don’t like them, you don’t actually listen to their podcasts?

  • Beat_C

    i thought frank sounded good, while sean and jay sounded very bass-heavy. didn’t notice too much compression.

  • Beat_C

    yeah, how a very mild pass gets a 3.5 is rather baffling.

  • Frank gave some impressions on Julien Donkey Boy on the Spring Breakers episode. Gummo, too. Mr Lonely he hadn’t seen yet back then.

  • Well, Frank admitted to his final stage of TimBurculosis.

  • pcch7

    Frank would shit himself watching Pet Sematary. It was quite solid imo

  • Essie

    I’m sorry i just saw your reply. I don’t like Rogan because I think he gives a platform to people with hateful ideologies and thus normalizes them. Ben Shapiro, Milo, Gavin McGinnes, Jordan Peterson, and so on. I don’t really have an issue with a right wing podcast, other than the fact that I am not right wing and would never want to listen to those talking points.

    My issue is more that Rogan dresses up his right wing rhetoric as a brand of enlightened centrism that frames anyone who is even slightly offended at racism, misogyny, transphobia, islamophobia, etc as being a “sjw” or a snowflake.

    As for Harris I think his views on Islam, police brutality, and race are abhorrent. I have listened to maybe 20 episodes of Joe Rogan. Actually maybe a few more because I am an MMA fan. I have listened to maybe five of the Sam Harris ones but I am more familiar with him through his writing.

    I don’t have any ill feelings towards someone who loves those guys, btw. Just not my taste.

  • Mrespony

    If you like MMA podcasts may I recommend Talksport’s Fight Disciples with Adam Catteral. The podcast covers boxing and MMA and I find Adam to be quite hilarious, although he’s not always the host. Totally agree with your thoughts on Rogan, his third eye awakened conservative schtick is a smokescreen for being an intolerant crank, otherwise he wouldn’t have let Alex Jones within 100 miles of his studio.

  • Mrespony

    I couldn’t get over how tense Free Solo was even though I absolutely knew the guy was going to make it. Great film!