El Chicano Trailer: A Latino Vigilante Movie Co-Written by Joe Carnahan


For some reason we saw a flood of vigilante and revenge movies released last year and now it looks like that trend is set to continue into 2019 as well. This week Briarcliff Entertainment released the first trailer for El Chicano, described by some as the first ever Latino superhero movie. The story revolves around an LAPD Detective (Raúl Castillo) who decides to don a mask and take on the local cartel after his brother dies under questionable circumstances. He becomes El Chicano, aka “The Ghetto Grim Reaper.” Directed by veteran stuntman Ben Hernandez Bray (Transformers, Star Trek, The Gray), the movie is also co-written and produced by Joe Carnahan and it feels like a familiar story told from a new perspective. El Chicano hits theatres on May 3rd; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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