Film Junk Podcast Episode #700: The Dirt + Us


0:00 – Intro
16:34 – Review: The Dirt
58:40 – Discussion: Dwane’s First Appearance and Scott’s Bargain Bin Find
1:12:10 – Trailer Trash: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
1:25:30 – Dialogue Bits
2:04:50 – Review: How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
2:28:00 – Review: Us
2:52:35 – Outro
2:55:25 – Spoiler Discussion: Us

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  • pcch7


  • Colin

    Interesting to see the raw vs the edit… I’m assuming the Game Junk bit will be released separately?

  • Sean

    Yes Game Junk will be a separate bonus episode and we cut a couple of segments that were mostly visual.

  • devolutionary

    With all the money raised, maybe there’s still some left over to buy Reed a fridge. A really, really, nice fridge! You can’t borrow those at the library bud.

  • This was my favourite moment of the telethon.

  • Also, when Singe commented “Scott is a douche” in the chat.

  • LongTimeJunker

    I ripped the twitch broadcast and uploaded it to Google drive if anyone wants to save it. I’m sure there are a few die hard junkers out there like myself who will want to add it to their FJ archives. This is the full show minus the video game streaming portion so it’s pretty big – 8GB. I’ve never really used GD before but from what I’ve read there shouldn’t be any issues with a file of this size, just not sure if it will be active forever or if Google has a time limit. Get it while you can fellow junkers! And another congrats to the guys on this amazing and momentous episode!

  • The hero the Junkers deserve.

  • Daemon

    AWESOME show. It was fun watching the live feed and the audio only version translates very well. Cool to see behind the curtain, so to speak. Out of curiosity, Does anyone know the details behind the app/site that Tim (perhaps Tim can shed some light here) used to create DIALOGUE BITS? I’m planning on hosting a party and wanted to create a similar game. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Cheers and congrats on 700, fellas!

  • Tim created his own app on his website in order to do it. Here is the link to what was used on the show.

  • Honestly, if he could make this into a mobile app, with the ability for a community to upload clips, he would probably make a mint.

  • Daemon

    That’s what I thought I heard on the show. Wasn’t sure if it was some preexisting thing that he maybe re-purposed. Thanks for the link (it’s a great site, super streamlined and easy. I can see why Sean appreciated it so much!).

  • devolutionary
  • Tim Cieplowski

    FilmApe is correct. At this point it’s a one-off site that I put together for the show.

    I plan to write-up a little readme file and release the code on Github.
    Then, others can modify it with different movies/clips, which will only require adding the mp3 files and editing a config file. (A little bit of coding knowledge will be needed to run it.)

    Shoot me an email, and I can let you know once I’ve published the code:

  • Tim Cieplowski

    Haha, it would be quite a bit more work to add the functionality for users to set-up their own games, but now you’ve got me thinking!

  • Jonnie123

    Hi guys, I donated 20 dollars on the live show and would love the pin badge but realise Is was Canadian dollars. I assume you meant US $ for the pin. Can I add to my donation?

  • Sean

    All of the dollar amounts we mentioned were Canadian so if you donated $20 Canadian, you’re in!

  • Jonnie123

    No worries Sean. Have donated 25 US now and very happy to do so. Glad episode 700 seems to have been so successful for you. Prod member of the 700 club!

  • Sean

    Thanks Jonnie!

  • Nuno

    Frank, I was so close to bringing Big Bird, Grover and Elmo stuffed toys to the telethon. Jay’s right though, this isn’t a yard sale to get rid of our crap.

  • devolutionary

    You’re right Nuno. That’s what Jay cleverly disguised his junk gifting to Reed as for Episode #696 (Alita: Battle Angel).

  • Colin

    It’s just a yard sale to get rid of Jay’s (Vinegar Syndrome) crap

  • Alex

    Same here. I’d absolutely love to be able to create a customised dialogue bits style game for a family party, and would happily pay to use ( I’m not very tech savvy) Will send you an email Tim if that’s ok.
    Keep up the good work guys – Alex/$20 from England. Happy you raised a decent bit of cash!

  • Alex

    Yes that would be awesome

  • Tony

    Loved this episode and was happy to contribute to Dialogue Bits. Congrats to the Film Junk crew on 700 episodes!

    For anyone interested in the full video of the Twitch stream, you can download episode 700 as an MP4 file at this link. The link expires on April 14th.

    Edit: Just realized someone already posted this file! I’ll leave this here as an alternate option just in case.

  • Sam


  • The second hero that Junkers deserve.

  • We need some 400 Club pin variants

  • TimC

    Well, I kinda did it…

    Let me know what you think!

  • TimC

    I created a version of the app that can be used by anyone.

    Let me know what you think!

  • Great name for it.

  • TimC


  • I did 6 score bits, using the short, medium, long, and running about 1-2,10, 20 seconds each. I put the name of the film and the composer in the reveal, and then I put a Youtube link to the full track in the comments. I thought it worked great.


    It’s amazing to hear you all praising the movie “us” when you obviously didn’t understand it. Maybe it’s the red states, maybe it’s a rabbit hole, maybe it the internet, the have and have not ” you’re all guessing without even knowing what are the clones? Who, How and why made them? Why some mimic the real people and others don’t? Why sometimes they do it and sometimes don’t? Why they all want to kill the ones outside? How did they suddenly break free? Why both girls decided to meet at the same time and the same place? Yet you all seem to eager to look past all those incredible inconsistencies and act as if they don’t matter when they are the whole foundation of the movie.

    You didn’t get Jack sh.t but, “that’s a great director and great cinematography”