Film Junk Episode 700 Twitch Telethon Live Today at 3 PM EST!

Watch live video from filmjunkpodcast on

Hey guys, just one last reminder that today is the day! We’ve got some fun stuff in store for you, so hopefully you will be able to tune in live as we broadcast our 700th episode live on Twitch and try to raise some money for new gear. The video feed above will go live once the show starts but if you want to join in the chat you will have to head over to or use the Twitch app. Thanks to all who have donated so far, and if you want to help out, you can do so right here. Tell your friends! Tell your family! See you in a bit.

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  • devolutionary
  • Tim Cieplowski

    “Fantastic Beaters” is great!

  • Beautiful!!!!

  • Captain Fram

    It’s not too bad actually, almost at parity!

  • I’m a proud member of the 700 Club. But I just want to make it clear, it’s not because you need new gear. I’d listen to the show even if I had to put my ear to the wall of a room playing it on walkie talkie.

    This donation is for Jay’s bowels, Sean’s editorializing, Frank’s bets, Greg’s mall encounters, Reed’s recommended reading. It’s for psychoanalysis, pronunciations, hats with a P. Cops on Monster, vibecasts, drive-in poutine. 6/5s, scorebits, manifestos, premiums. Film Junk, Game Junk, Ball Junk. Thank you guys for the show and all the fun.

    (P.s. if you did these telethons more often, that’d be cool – subsidize your ticket expenses)

  • gibson8

    Frank’s contradictions during ‘Us’ review were gymnastic. ‘I didn’t see any political…’ ‘It’s obviously red states and blue states’. If Frank has any political aspirations I would vouch for his duplicity. What a nefarious prick.

  • cjflan32

    At 4:08:10 Frank says “Definitely got some political vibe…it was obvious even for me”. Were those comments you referenced made during spoilers?

  • If I could nab that code from you, Tim, I would greatly appreciate it. Could I just plug into a SquareSpace page since that’s where my site is hosted?

  • I concur. I’d happily contribute “a few dollars more” a month to Film Junk if a Patreon started up. Cheers!

  • cjflan32

    I also joined the “700 Club” today. It’s unfortunate Greg couldn’t show up for a quick Ball Junk segment but a fun episode nonetheless.

  • gibson8

    Yeah he backtracked in the spoilers. This comment was posted in he wrong place. Frank does that to me…

  • TimC

    The project is not a single file, but consists of html, js, mp3 files, config file, etc. I’m not familiar with how SquareSpace works, but you would likely not be able to add it without some customization.

    Due to the interest I’ve received from you and several other Junkers, I’m going to undertake the task of adding “builder” functionality to the app.

    Once complete, users will be able to create their own games, by uploading their own mp3 files.

    Shoot me an email, and I can let you know once this is ready:

  • Tony

    For anyone interested in the full video of the Twitch stream, you can download episode 700 as an MP4 file at this link. The link expires on April 14th.