Tune in to Film Junk’s Episode 700 Live Twitch Telethon This Sunday!


It’s almost here! Film Junk Episode 700 is just a few days away and we’ve been working hard to make it a special event worthy of this milestone. In an attempt to raise money for some new gear, this will also be our long-awaited “700 Club” Telethon with plenty of special guests, giveaways, trivia, live video game streaming and more. We will be broadcasting the entire thing live on our Twitch channel on Sun. March 24th starting at 3 pm EST.

We are also putting the call out for junk mail questions and listener-submitted “Dialogue Bits” (short snippets of audio from movies for us to guess). You can send these ahead of time to filmjunk@gmail.com, although we will also take questions from the chat room live. And most importantly, if you’d like to help support the show, you can send in donations before, during or after the show by heading to filmjunk.com/donate. Thanks for listening and hope to see you guys on Sunday!

  • Jake

    Awesome! Can’t wait, and glad to see you chose Twitch for the broadcast. Dialogue Bits is another great idea too.

  • pcch7

    Please make sure the stream is archived on twitch. I’m probably gonna miss a lot of it and I wanna watch it back

  • Colin

    Is there a format we should send you Dialogue Bits clips in? Straight MP3 files? Links to YouTube?

    Also should we identify who the clip is intended for or is it going to be a free for all?

  • Sean

    MP3 is ideal if possible. We’re hoping to make Dialogue Bits and trivia stuff more of a group thing, but if you really want to target a clip for someone specific, you can mention it in your email or label it as such. Thanks!

  • Hemant J. Naidu

    How long are you guys thinking of broadcasting?

  • Sean

    Tentatively 3 or 4 hours.

  • Tommy

    Yup. That’ll be live at 8.30am on a Monday for me in NZ, so please make the full video show available later :)

  • Deven Science

    Well, I’ll be busy, so I look forward to listening when it drops after. Happy 700, guys.

  • Loren

    Sean…I sent two emails out to you for Dialogue Bits.. had it in M4A format, but you can play it still right from the email when logged in GMAIL. Put the answers in the email. Look forward to the Live Stream!

  • Loren

    I’m live on the island of Saipan.. 3 hours behind you in New Zealand. So It will be at 530am here..but convenient for me because that’s right when I get off from work :)

  • Tim Cieplowski

    I got pretty excited about “Dialogue Bits” and through together a little web app for playing the clips.

    Here is a demo: http://dialogbits.timcieplowski.com/

    I’ll be putting my clips into this app, to send to the guys, but if anyone else wants to send me their clips, I’d be happy to put them in the app, as well. If so, please send 3 clips for each movie (short, med, long) to tim.cieplowski@gmail.com.

    Looking forward to 700!

  • Matt the Kiwi

    I’m tentatively thinking of having the day off (or at least “work from home”). It is a milestone after all.

  • Tommy

    Amazing. Use this, Sean.
    I hope they discover that you can spam the play button for a quote cascade.

  • Oso Jugo

    It would be cool to watch, but I’m like Reed, I get my free internet at the library, so it makes watching live stuff awkward.

  • Tim Cieplowski

    Thanks Tommy!

    I can add a little note for each clip, if you want to “target” them to a specific host.

  • Lori Cerny

    Shit, Dawg. That is awesome!

  • Paul

    I agree with pcch7 and Tommy; please make the entire broadcast available as an archive.
    I really wish that I could enjoy it live. Have fun, guys.

  • Derek Reilly

    I’ll be watching live and 50 clams will be heading your way as a donation. The least we can do for the years of fun mayhem you have given us. I hope you can buy some nice gear.

  • This man is a legend.

  • Beat_C

    how cool is that?!

  • Andrew Lincoln

    I’m ready for the madness.

  • Tahir Abbas

    I wish I could join live and donate but don’t know how to. will try tho

  • Beat_C

    3 pm EST is 8 pm in switzerland – perfect! ????

  • Bizzaro Nate

    I can’t wait!