Film Junk Podcast Episode #698: Apocalypto + Best of 2006 Revisited


0:00 – Intro: Episode 700 Plans + Jay’s Near-Death Experience
22:50 – Retro Review: Apocalypto
52:50 – Feature: Top 10 Movies of 2006 (Spoilers for The Prestige from 1:13:50-1:23:50)
1:42:12 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Lives of Others, Slither, Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story, Old Joy, The Hot Rock, Apollo 11
2:06:05 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:07:50 – Outro

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  • Frank Booth

    What’s the over/under on someone bringing up Cornel Wilde’s The Naked Prey (1965) during the Apocalypto review?

  • Danimal

    Yes, Apocalypto is one of my favourites. Love the idea of these episodes recapping a specific year!

  • Jonnie123

    I know it has been said before but you guys REALLY need to set up a Patreon. I listen to several podcast that have one and it’s a great and very convenient way for those that want to, to support you. Please consider it.

  • Nick

    Apocalypto is an awesome movie, really looking forward to this one.

  • Loren

    Episode 700 could be Epic..this one is gonna be interesting. Is Monster sponsoring? Will there be a live performance of ‘Jump the Dragon’?

  • Lori Cerny

    Does FilmJunk have an Amazon wishlist? I would really like to send you guys something in celebration.

  • Lori Cerny

    I heard Patreon is not doing well since they started declining payments last August. Scuttlebutt is, they may close down.

  • Lori Cerny

    19:10 Any pics?

  • Jonnie123

    Really? Wow. I listen to UHH YEAH DUDE and they get over 10k a month. Hopefully they can sort it out as it’s a great way to support artists etc.

  • pcch7

    Friday or saturday would probably be best for ep 700 in terms of reaching more regions. HYPED AF though. Maybe a donation goal for someone to lose their veto rights =D

  • bobsponge42
  • pcch7

    Was Sean washing the dishes by hand?

  • Sean


  • Essie

    thank you very much for the show! i am loving the year by year retrospectives. i hope all the junkies are playing along.

  • tyler mikol

    I’m very scared right now that I won’t be able to tune in for the live stream of 700. Depends on what time of the afternoon it happens. I might be able to arrive for at least part of it.

  • tyler mikol

    When Frank tried to throw a 6 at Apocalypto I loved it. I think we need to bring in a rule that you are allowed to retroactively give a 6 to 2 films per year every year prior to the birth of the 6. I believe that is 2014 and before. All in favor?

  • Isildur_of_Numenor


    I’ll give my understanding of how the clones thing works. The first time Angier clones himself he keeps a gun nearby. When the clone materializes a few feet away he immediately shoots and kills the clone. So the “original” Angier isn’t transported but simply stays in place. During the performances, the one who falls down the trap door is the “original” Angier and dies each time, and the one appearing somewhere else is the newly created clone who becomes the “original” Angier. But “becomes” is the wrong way to put it, because all Angiers are “originals” (the same thing as with the hats). Each Angier has the same memories and feelings but once two of them co-exist they begin to differ from one another more and more. I think Jay was too quick to dismiss Angier’s reasoning behind killing the clones. To me it fits nicely with the kind of character he’s presented as, a highly suspicious and distrustful person who wouldn’t take any chances. That’s why he keeps a gun around the first time. What seems more unbelievable to me is his decision to kill himself not having the certainty that he will continue to live on as the clone. But I rationalize it with the idea that Angier studied the clones and realized they are the same as him. Not to mention his miserable state of mind – his wife dying, etc. – could have pushed him over the edge.

  • Isildur_of_Numenor

    I love these retrospective episodes! Not only do we get to hear the junkers reconsider movies we all love (and love to hear about) but it also gives us the chance to hear Jay break his own rules regarding release dates. I know, I know, people may have had enough of this topic already but I love this sort of discussions on the show. I think Jay realized during this episode just how much of a pain in the butt keeping track of when a movie came out where in how many theaters and when you watched it can be. It’s so much easier the way Frank does it. The only scenario where Jay’s method applies is in the context of a podcast/publication where you have to put out a year-end list around the end of the current year because people will want to hear/read about it. But it certainly makes less sense to use the same method however many years later when doing a retrospective.

  • devolutionary

    So far I think Munich and Apocalypto have held up equally well for me in the past 10 years. A little more blown away on first watch in 2006 but ultimately both movies garnered equal enjoyment now and then. I believe it was one of the earlier big budget movies to be shot in digital? Only rewatched it on DVD again but it still holds up remarkably well. I think a large amount of production went into the costumes, locations, and practical sets though. Still blown away that a majority of the village was built from scratch.

  • Beat_C

    i was wondering the same thing!

  • pcch7

    My sympathies =D

  • pcch7

    As for the fire, most somewhat modern apartment buildings are designed/built so that each apartment is like a closed off compartment that can contain a fire for a fair amount of time, probably at least an hour. In this case it sounds like it wasn’t such a building so I wouldn’t go take a piss lol, fires can spread and grow really fast.

  • Sam

    I was actually washing dishes this morning by hand while listening to the podcast. A real 4D experience.

  • B MP Rooney

    Great stuff! Amazing to think, 700 episodes in and still just incredibly awesome, enjoyable listening. Again and again, greatest thing to ever happen to life: Film Junk.

  • colin the dude

    So the release date war rages on. For the record, Sean won this war ages ago. It’s not even close. Frank continues to flail in ignorance while Jay is indifferent. Box office mojo always has the North American official release date, which is the correct metric if you’re making a list and live in North America. Big ups to Sean for carrying the flame.

  • pcch7

    We should start a petition to have Spielberg remove the scarf. Lets see what he’s hiding

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    $100 for new top 100 favorite movies lists.

  • One could argue though that it is not a clone that is materialized by the machine nearby but the original Angier is transported while a copy stays behind. Since they share their memories up to that point the clone would then shot the original. I would think your explanation makes more sense, comparing it to how copying and faxing works (the original document stays behind, a duplicate is produced), but it technically could be the other way too. In a way it’s a neat echo to the Borden dilemma, where you have two identical beings and for the “trick” to be pulled off (in this case: surving a murder charge), one has to die while the other lives on.

    I wonder why Angier kept all of the drowned clones/orignals instead of burning them to prevent his scheme from ever being discovered.

  • Oso Jugo

    I remember being put off by Mel Gibson’s weird three stooges characterizations of sixteenth century natives in Apocalypto. He even does the same thing with Jesus and the Virgin Mary in The Passion, with this weird table bit, where the Virgin Mary is confused by the creation of this new confabulous piece of furniture and Jesus is splashing her with water when she asks him to wash his hands. It’s like Mel Gibson was like, “Ok, how would Jesus and Mary act if they were me and Rene Russo in Lethal Weapon 5?” So you get all that hollow fluff with him, combined with Saw or Hostel levels of violence. That’s okay if you’re making horror movies, but not if you’re pretending to make fine art. Get a life Mel Gibson.

    Aren’t we ripe for another mission to the moon at this point? How easy it must be to get there nowadays. We’re all gonna be up there in another year or two.

  • Oso Jugo

    Oh, Are you guys gonna do a Child’s Play premium for the upcoming reboot, remake, reimagining, retcon, 2019’s Child’s Play?

  • Kevin Cardoza

    I feel like the whole reveal is actually a very dark condemnation of Angier as a person, which I guess you could say is a common theme in a lot of Nolan films: Men letting their obsessions destroy their soul. He is a man who has literally discovered magic: A device that does the impossible. And the only thing he can think to use it for is to commit murder every night in order to perform a convincing parlour trick.

  • Wrangler

    I worked as a projectionist during the Apocalypto era, and heard rumor of Mel inserting himself within the trailer. I hand cranked the film over the splicing station until I found the frame. Have held on to it ever since.

  • Len F.

    Sorry what was the telethon date again? The 24th? Any approximate time yet?

  • Isildur_of_Numenor

    Good point, the machine could work the other way around as well. Which solidifies the idea that all Angiers are identical in both appearance and thoughts at the moment of creation.

    About keeping all the drowned Angiers, I can’t think of a good, logical reason, I guess it was a way for Nolan to visually show us how far Angier went and what horrible things he was capable of. I still don’t quite understand why the last shot of the movie is of a drowned clone, it specifically draws our attention to it, not to mention Caine’s narration also makes it seem like some sort of revelation.

  • Isildur_of_Numenor

    Great interpretation!

  • Tommy

    I loved An Elephant Sitting Still. I hope one of the crew catches it.
    That the director killed himself rather than edit it down from four hours should appeal to Jay, I think :)

  • Aaron

    “He’s out of his gourd.” Classic. Keep those quotes coming, Frank!

  • Nic

    Absolutely agree! One of the best films I watched last year. 4 hours is obviously a commitment but completely worth it IMO

  • Aaron
  • Sean

    It’s a distinct possibility.

  • Sean

    We are thinking like 3 or 4 pm EST to hopefully cover both east coast and west coast of North America plus U.K.

  • Lori Cerny

    Agreed. A nearby complex tells the tenants to stay in their apartments as they are safer there than being in the hallway or stairwell. The apartment doors are huge, thick metal slabs and the walls & ceiling are completely fireproof.

    I still wouldn’t want to be caught in a highrise during a fire. Why can’t they devise a safe window exit?

  • Bobby Hill

    Sorry, a little late to the party.

    Just listening to your discussion on The Prestige. I think you’re missing the fundamental point of what High Jackman’s character is doing. He’s not cloning himself, he’s splitting himself in two, literally dividing himself.

    So at the point of separation, those two versions are exactly the same person. This makes the comment about not knowing if he would be the one in the tank much darker. Because, every single time he does that, there’s a version of himself that will be in the tank.

    Existentially, I believe Hugh character becomes less of a person the more he does it. (Compare it to a Horcrux) He starts making darker decisions once he starts splitting.

    Hope that makes sense!

  • pcch7

    Yeah the stairwells can be death traps, if it’s filled with smoke you won’t get far. Not sure why they don’t have exits by the windows, tbh but I’m sure there’s some risk involved or maybe just a financial issue. Doing some further education as a firefighter in a couple of weeks so I might ask =D

  • I found it interesting that Sean claims here that he watched Tristram Shandy for the first time but in an odd coincidence I happened to just listen to Episode 326 from 2011 and Sean reviews Tristram Shandy on that episode as well haha. I find this phenomenon of forgetting movies and watching them for the first time multiple times fascinating, but I guess people who watch a lot of films are probably very prone to it.

  • Sean

    It has happened to me a few times but usually I start to remember parts of it as I’m watching it. This time that did not happen at all! Crazy. Did I like it at least? :)

  • Haha I think you pretty much had the same thoughts and thought it was slightly disappointing.