Game of Thrones: Season 8 Trailer


I think it goes without saying that the final season of Game of Thrones is going to be one of the biggest motion picture events of the year right up there with Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars: Episode IX. Fans have been waiting almost two years for the conclusion to this epic series and there are just six episodes remaining. This week HBO released the first official trailer, reminding us where we all of the various characters are at leading into the final battle between the living and the dead. There isn’t really anything surprising or spoiler-y here so far, but there is more than enough footage for hardcore fans to dissect. The final season of Game of Thrones premieres on April 14th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Glen

    Sean, would you ever consider doing a Game of Thrones Film Junk episode or Premium Podcast once the series is over?

  • Sean

    I could see us maybe doing a bonus episode or spoiler discussion after the finale (assuming Frank is still watching it). We did a few spoiler discussions for the previous season finales I think.

  • Reed Farrington

    My dad’s Bell Fibe currently has Game of Thrones Seasons 1 & 2 available for free viewing on demand. Watching Season 2 now!

  • Lisa Naarseth Myklebust

    Show went downhill after season 4. Season 7 was the worst.

  • Glen

    Reed, who’s your favorite character?

  • Reed Farrington

    Can’t really say I have a fav character.

    I tried reading the first book before the TV series was created. Only got to watch the first season last year. It sparked my interest in reading the book again. But the book bored me again.

  • Deven Science

    Hmm. I enjoyed the last season. Several threads started finally coming together, after stretching it out for way too long.

  • cloberts19

    Same exact sentiments.

  • Lisa Naarseth Myklebust

    The coming together part is one of the positives about it. But it’s not really to the writers’ credit, as it’s bound to happen. And even then it is, in my opinion, handled more poorly than it ought to (the final meeting in Kings Landing could have easily been at least a two-episode story-line)

    My biggest gripe is how there’s absolutely no logical meaning to anything that goes on, with very little thought put into them. It’s like stuff just happens so as to help the writers propel the action.

    Take the insane plan of going to the Eastwatch to get a wright, and bring it back to Cersei to convince her. Which first off is a stupid plan in and on itself (and it’s strange that someone like Tyrion would even realistically suggest that; we all know that Cersei will believe it, but not really). But the fact that Jon chooses to take part personally, and risk his own life in such a mission, is even more insane and stupid; he’s the King of the North, he doesn’t have to do this! Apart from the fact that it takes them 1 episode to travel the entire continent, which in earlier seasons to 10 episodes, they even get saved by Dany in the very last second (who herself takes less than 1 episode to travel all that distance, after Gendry runs for God knows how many miles without issue, and gets the people there to send a superduperfast raven to Dany). Then Jon randomly chooses to continue fighting wrights, rather than escaping, somehow ends up coming back alive from drowning. And it doesn’t end there; he is saved by his uncle, who randomly turns up to be the deux ech machina (which goes entirely against another principle of GoT, and is something GRRM always hated) and saves him.

    That whole plot is full of ridiculous writing, that only puts events and motivations there to propagate action scenes. It completely betrays many of the realistic elements that GRRM established with his universe, and that made it stand out. Things like no deux ex machinas, or that travelling takes a long time (think about when Jaime uses an entire season from Riverlands to Kings Landing). Or that characters, when they make stupid decisions, get punished. Even more detailed strategic stuff (like military manouvers), are extremely grounded to reality; that’s why Robb struggled as much as he did in season 3 (the best season of the entire show).

    If GRRM had written the Eastwatch part, not only would the entire sequence of events be stretched out properly, but all the characters would have ended up dead several times. Because that’s what GoT is all about. That’s why Ned Stark died. It’s why Robb and Catelyn died. It’s why Oberyn died. An actual, tangible threat exists, and reality will bite you in your ass if you don’t make smart decisions. Season 7 said “fuck you” to all that, and brought in Hollywood narratives.

    D&W also butchered certain characters, making their development in the prior 6 seasons useless. Like Littlefinger’s death, which, while satisfying, was done in a bad and undeserving way. The smartest (or one of) and most deceiving person in Westeros is so easily tricked by Sansa and Arya (who btw have a make-up fight that doesn’t even make any sense within the story itself)? Yeah, no. That’s another example of lazy writing just to propagate action (the action in this case being LF’s death).

    I could also talk about how the good writing (smart dialogues and intrigues) have all but disappeared, with whatever that has remained being either repetitions or caricatures of earlier stuff — with some few exceptions here and there. It’s for the most part planning/hyping up for battles. Otherwise, the dialogue never flesh out characters any more, and are instead just reiterations of things they said in earlier seasons, but just in a different packaging (you see this a lot from characters like Littlefinger, Jon Snow and Cersei). The shrewd comments and exchanges have disappeared. The depth to characters have disappeared; as has the depth (the social and historical critique) to the world itself. It’s all pretty shallow and surface level at this point.

    A lot script-writing decisions are also impossible to excuse. You can argue that people travel such far distances so fast due to time restraints. If that’s the case, then why did the writers waste so much time on so many unnecessary storylines? I’m referring to things like Missandei/Grey Worm in Season 4-7, or the Sand Snakes storyline in season 5 and later, which, apart from being cringe-inducing, has been completely irrelevant to the main plot. Even Arya got so much unnecessary screen time in season 5 and 6, in what was basically a time-wasting episode (most of season 5 was just plot-filler). This continues in season 7 as well. For example, we see Arya meeting a group of Lannister soldiers (which was only put there to have an Ed Sheeran cameo). Or much of the Eastwatch episode storyline, which was an entire bore of an episode of the characters talking to each other about meaningless stuff. It wasn’t even exposition, but random chatting about stuff that had happened (because Benioff and Weiss can’t write anything profoundly original), that does nothing to forward the plot. Also, there was a completely unnecessary scene with a zombie polar bear, which probably cost an entire episode worth of budget money to do. That didn’t need to be there at all.

    I could go on, but I’ve made my point. The show is by no means terrible and still good, with good moments here and there (episode 3 and 4 being really solid). But the show is overall at its worst point, and I’m pretty sure it’s because the creative storytelling is mostly D&W and not GRRM (even in season 6, the best parts were GRRM’s stuff, like Hodor plot, Lyanna plot, the gathering of the houses, the Riverrun stuff).