Reminder: Live Oscar Chat Tonight at 7 pm EST!


Just a reminder that Film Junk’s annual Oscar festivities will begin tonight at approximately 7 pm EST (the Oscars start at 8 pm EST). A bunch of us will be meeting up in a chatroom to talk smack during the show (old school text only, no audio or video). The chatroom is embedded below but you can also access it by following this link. There is also a channel for Oscar discussion in the Film Junk Slack Workspace. And, if you haven’t yet joined the Film Junk Oscar pool, you might want to get on that. See you tonight!

Around the Web:

  • Blake in Boston

    Frank Unflitered.

  • Ed Spillane

    Go frank go!

  • I was in your Slack channel talking to myself.

  • Sean

    You missed out man! The chat was fun (if a little bit chaotic, as per usual).

  • RJ

    That fanafanafana, or whatever, guy was way more unfiltered. Frank was upstaged. lol

  • Deven Science

    Once the… I’ll put it as “diversity backlash” started, I stepped out. Maybe I’ll try again next year.

  • Sam

    I just ignored the main guy and had some fun in the chat still, but the “backlash” was pretty lame.