Film Junk’s 2019 Oscar Pool and Annual Live Chat Details


As much as we all tend to complain about the Oscars (this year more so than others), it is still a great time for movie fans to come together and share their passion for cinema. Here at Film Junk, we have an annual tradition of meeting up online and chatting with fellow Junkers during the show, which makes it at least 75% more tolerable. If you want to take things a step further, we also set up a (free) Oscar pool, the winner of which gets bragging rights and a $50 Amazon gift card. Our friend and long-time listener Falsk was once again kind enough to take the reins and organize the proceedings. If you’d like to take part, check out her instructions below. Good luck and see you on Sunday!

Oops–better late than never, ay Junkers? The 2019-slow-motion-train-wreck-that-is-the-Oscars are Sunday and that means you have SIX DAYS to register with long-time-favorite-and-only-free-online-Oscar-pool-hosting powerhouse Gold Derby to get your sweet sweet predictions in. New to the process? Fear not, copy and pasted from last year, HERE is the sort-of-easy-to-follow rundown on joining the fun:

1.) Create an account at and comment right here on Film Junk or the Film Junk subreddit (or PM me on Reddit) with your e-mail address so I can send you an e-vite to the league.

2.) Once you join, on the league page to the right hand side you’ll see “My Predictions”.

3.) With each category you nominate one film to win and also have the option to make two of your category selects a “super bet”. This ups the points you win and can lead to a MAJOR upset should there be a neck-in-neck tie.

4.) As you make your selections, click “save and next” to continue until you’re finished.

You can change your picks up until the start of the event (8:00 PM EST) at which point, join me in the chat. I can only assume Frank will have been popping since noon. Chatstep is dead (and let’s be honest, was dying during last year’s Oscars), so our new chat of choice is (worst comes to worst, we can take the discussion to Slack). You can choose to log in via your own generated name (simply type in a handle and hit return or enter) or through your Twitter account.

— Falsk

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