World War Z Sequel Reportedly Cancelled by Paramount


It’s been a couple of years since we’ve had any official announcements about the sequel to World War Z, the large scale zombie movie that ended up being a big hit for Paramount back in 2013 despite a troubled production with extensive reshoots. By all accounts, things were still moving forward and David Fincher was attached to direct, but the project had been pushed back due to his commitments to the Netflix series Mindhunter. That being said, I think that deep down we all knew a David Fincher-directed World War Z sequel was never actually going to happen and now this week we are hearing that the movie is, in fact, dead. Surprisingly, it was not Fincher who decided to walk away but rather the studio who simply did not have enough confidence to give it a greenlight. Hit the jump to find out what we know.

According to The Playlist, Paramount Pictures has officially pulled the plug on World War Z 2 after months of uncertainty surrounding it. The expectation was that the movie was going to start production this summer and had reportedly started staffing up for that, but in the end the studio simply could not commit. The budget was part of the problem, although it was supposedly going to be lower than the previous film’s $190 million price tag. Paramount just recently announced that they would be shooting two new Mission: Impossible movies back to back, which are much safer bets and that may have also been a factor.

Brad Pitt was, of course, going to return in the lead role and was also responsible for bringing Fincher on board, so he is said to be none too pleased about the decision. It is unclear if the project is completely dead but at this point it has been almost six years since the original came out and I don’t think anyone is really clamouring to find out what happens next. Even if they brought in a brand new creative team, it is unlikely they could land another director on the same level as David Fincher and it is unclear if Brad Pitt would still be involved. Are you disappointed that David Fincher’s World War Z sequel isn’t happening?

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  • Corey Pierce

    I liked the first one well enough but did not need more, Fincher or no Fincher

  • Lori Cerny

    Right on. I actually forgot there was a first movie.