The Big Lebowski and Carrie Bradshaw Return in Super Bowl Commercial


Fans of The Coen Brothers’ The Big Lebowski took notice last week when Jeff Bridges put up a mysterious post on Instagram that seemed to hint that he would be reprising his role as The Dude in the near future. The post teased a launch date of Feb. 3rd, 2019, which also happens to be Super Bowl Sunday, thus leading many people to conclude that he would be appearing in a Super Bowl commercial. Now the truth has been revealed and yes, that is indeed accurate: it was all part of a marketing campaign for Stella Artois. The ad also sees Sarah Jessica Parker returning as her Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw as well. So while this may be disappointing, it should not come as a surprise… The Coens have stated multiple times before that there will never be a Big Lebowski sequel. It is unclear if a different version will air on Sunday but in the meantime you can check out the commercial after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Colin

    Technically it’s The Dude, not The Big Lebowski… he was played by David Huddleston

  • Jake

    I would really love to know what is going on with that Lebowski spin-off that John Turturro was directing? According to imdb this was completed back in 2016, and has a pretty decent cast. Just sitting on a shelf somewhere???

  • Mister Quigley Jr.

    Bridges earned his Lifetime Pass ages ago, but this is the first thing that made me even think about thinking about possible revocation. No more. This bad.