Final Destination Reboot in the Works


It’s been 8 years since Final Destination 5 hit theatres, but I think we all knew deep down that it wouldn’t actually be the final Final Destination. The series was one of the most successful horror franchises of the 2000s and served as an accessible thrill ride that had significant reach even outside the usual genre fanbase. Now New Line is setting up a reboot and they’ve got a couple of writers from the Saw franchise on board to help them do it. Hit the jump for more details.

According to THR, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan will write the script for a “re-imagining” of the Final Destination series. The duo is best known for writing Saw IV through to Saw 3D, as well as The Collector and The Collection (which Dunstan also directed). They also wrote Piranha 3DD and the Feast trilogy after competing on Project Greenlight.

Plot details are still unknown but it seems safe to assume that it will revolve around a group of friends cheating death only to find themselves being reclaimed by Death in increasingly grisly ways. It seems like fans are more than receptive to the idea of a reboot, especially since there are really no characters or actors associated with the franchise anyway. Are you game for a brand new Final Destination?

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  • Lori Cerny

    Yes. This is the series I love to hate and am eager for more, more, more.