Dan Trachtenberg to Direct Uncharted Movie


There are few movie projects currently in development that have been through as many directors and writers as Sony’s Uncharted adaptation. Based on the popular video game series developed by Naughty Dog, we’ve been hearing about this project for over a decade now with names like David O. Russell, Neil Burger, Joe Carnahan and Shawn Levy all attached at one point or another. Most recently, we had heard that the movie would be a prequel to the games with Tom Holland signing on to star as a young Nathan Drake. Now this week director Dan Trachtenberg has climbed aboard the project as well. Hit the jump for more info.

According to Variety, Dan Trachtenberg will direct Uncharted for Sony Pictures, replacing Shawn Levy who dropped out back in December. Trachtenberg is best known for directing 10 Cloverfield Lane, but he has also been previously associated with video game adaptations having helmed a Portal fan film as well as the Black Mirror episode “Playtest”. He is currently directing the Garth Ennis comic adaptation The Boys for Amazon.

Tom Holland is still attached to star and production will have to work around his Spider-Man: Far From Home press schedule. No word yet on who will play Sully, his mentor and professional thief but Stephen Lang played him in a 2018 fan film that also saw Nathan Fillion as Drake. The latest draft of the script was penned by Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker. Does this news get you excited about an Uncharted movie and, more importantly, do you think it will actually get made?