IMDb Launches a Free Streaming Service Called Freedive


Clearly the last thing the world needs right now is yet another streaming service, but nevertheless IMDb has decided that right now is the perfect time to jump on this gravy train. This week they have launched their own streaming service called IMDb Freedive, and as the title implies, it is completely free. However, that also means that it is ad-supported and at the moment there is no way to buy your way out of the ads either. Still, the selection does seem to be halfway decent. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

IMDb’s new streaming service Freedive is now available via laptop or personal computer and, in a bit of collaboration with their parent company, on all Amazon Fire TV devices as well. Their catalogue currently includes movies like Drive, Memento, Last Action Hero, True Romance and Foxcatcher as well as TV shows like Fringe, Heroes, Gilligan’s Island, Quantum Leap and The Bachelor. It doesn’t seem like this will be a place to go for more recent and/or original content. For the time being, it is available in the U.S. only.

In the near future, they plan to make Freedive available via the IMDb mobile app as well. The service is free, but you do need to create an IMDb account in order to use it. There are already several ad-supported streaming services out there like Crackle, Tubi TV and Vudu’s Movies On Us feature. It’s hard to believe there is much demand out there for stuff like this, especially from a younger generation that has already grown up on ad-free services like Netflix… but maybe I’m wrong. Do you plan on checking on IMDb Freedive?

  • Mick Brooks

    Again, only available to the United States of Fascists

  • onesix

    Adblocker works. There will be a brief pause (at least for me there was) and then it will continue to play.

  • Tommy

    Proxysite might work. It got me through to creating an account, but I couldn’t be bothered making one to check. s