Film Junk Podcast Episode #691: The House That Jack Built + Best of 2018


0:00 – Intro: Jay’s Trip to the E.R.
18:25 – Review: The House That Jack Built
46:15 – Feature: Top 10 Movies of 2018
1:44:00 – Feature: 2018 Junkies
2:42:42 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:43:55 – Outro

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  • Essie

    Thank you for another great year of film junk!

  • Colin

    Come for the Top 10 lists, stay for the extended puking scene

  • hamslime

    RE: Catching up on movies at the end of the year.

    Dec 31st is my cutoff. If I didn’t see a movie by then whether there wasn’t time or it didn’t get a wide release… tough. It becomes ineligible. Maybe release your movies earlier in the year?

    Something to consider. No sense in cramming a bunch of movies at the end of the year just because these studios decided to wait for the last minute to release their movies (and in some cases only released it to a select few).

  • Sean

    Yeah I’m surprised we didn’t get into this debate again since we’ve covered it extensively in previous years, but it’s always tough to decide on eligibility of films for a year end list, especially when you’re not a film critic and don’t have easy access to everything.

    The problem with just ignoring those late release movies is that they are already a part of the conversation for 2018 because other critics have seen them and they are eligible for the 2018 awards season. So if you save it for next year, it just creates confusion and they’ve likely been long forgotten. And if you make them ineligible next year as well, you end up skipping over a lot of great films. It’s a no win situation.

  • hmslime

    They can still be part of the conversation, they just won’t be on any lists. Like anything else, turn your work in before the deadline or you’re S.O.L.

  • Sean

    Yeah but people release these movies late in the year specifically because they want to be fresh in people’s minds for year end lists and awards voting. But I admire your approach.

  • hmslime

    If you want, you could have a “latecomer” list of movies you didn’t get to or haven’t released yet that COULD be on your list but alas, the movie dragged its feet, showed up fashionably late, and is therefore not part of your Top 10 of the year.

    Phantom Thread for example would have been on mine except it didn’t play near me until January. So unfortunately Phantom Thread never made and will never make any list of mine.

  • Frank remembers 2007 as a shit year? The year that gave us THERE WILL BE BLOOD, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, ZODIAC, THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES, and so on?

  • Jake

    Agreed. Even if you disregard the other amazing films you’ve listed 2007 would still be amazing because of Zodiac alone. I recall 2007 being a pretty shit year for summer movies though.

  • devolutionary

    I’m a little surprised that Frank has never heard of James Berardinelli before, considering Ebert regarded him highly on his site and lots of his reviews are prominant on RottenTomatoes. Actually, that might explain alot. ;)
    My mobile Theatre app only uses his reviews for major films.

  • Oso Jugo

    That image from The House That Jack Built is a recreation of Eugene Delacroix’s The Barque of Dante, which is depiction of Dante and Virgil crossing the river Styx in The Divine Comedy.

  • schizopolis

    Just wanted to congratulate Frank on becoming the new head coach for the Cleveland Browns!

  • devolutionary

    Didn’t even realize their OC has the same initials. Freddie might have a few pounds on ol’ Frankie though.

  • Sam

    Yeah I don’t know where frank even got that impression of 2007 or if he’s just misremembering. 2007 is always my go to year for those 4 listed but also I believe Hot Fuzz, Eastern Promises, Sunshine, The Mist. Etc..

  • tyler mikol

    I’m from CLEVELAND and a Die Hard Browns fan. Your comment might be my favorite I’ve ever seen on this site. HAHAHAHAHA WE GOT FRANKY IN THE LAND BABY!!!!!

  • pcch7

    The FJ crew were somewhat lukewarm on Zodiak back in 2007 though tbf, Greg was the only one to see it’s greatness on a first time viewing and even then he gave it 3,5 out of 4. Obviously they have since seen the light.

  • pcch7

    Jay’s puking was great. Junkies are always a good time, nice to see some of these big shot actors/directors get their just deserts and FJ are the guys to give it to them.

  • Falsk



  • devolutionary

    For reference if interested:
    2018 Top 10 List and Junkies Award Summary (ie: TLDL version – yeah right, get real!).

  • stevens1

    The puking audio was inspired.

    When it’s Sean, Jay and Frank on the podcast it’s Fj at its finest. I swear Frank says it’s been a crap year almost every time they their top tens.

  • stevens1

    Beyond the top 2, maybe 3, I always find it damn near impossible to decide what order to put a top 10 or 20 in. Most of them are pretty interchangeable.

    Then when you see something great more recently it will naturally still be fresher in the mind, while a great film from earlier in the year will fade over time. There’s no balanced why to give each film a fair shot – unless you re-watch them all, which is tough ask.

    God knows how you guys did a top 100 – how do you determine which film is your 73rd favourite of all time, compared to your 44th?

  • mitch

    jay & frank should definitely also check out leave no trace

  • It’s sort of famous for being a great film year.

  • Beat_C

    thank you so much for another year full of crazy shit ???? ???? and frank was right, his top 10 is indeed gross.

  • yonato

    Would you guys ever do a Von Trier premium maybe?

  • He was probably sweating immediately after saying that if he went and looked.

  • Sean

    Oops, sorry about that. Forgot to add it in post. ;)

  • Sean


  • Jr

    Nice! Thanks!

  • Samb

    Still making my way through, but I’ll say this — I agree with Frank about 2015. It is the best year of the decade so far for movies. I have 15 movies from that year that would make the top 10 of any other year in the ’10s (Duke of Burgundy, Mad Max, Ex Machina, Creed, Queen of Earth, Spotlight, About Elly, Jafar Panahi’s Taxi, The Revenant, ’71, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, Buzzard, Sicario, Anomalisa, and Spring for those curious).

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I would suggest an award among Frank’s nominations for something that is “The Worst” throughout the year. However, these nominations are spread among the Game Junk and Ball Junk shows as well and aren’t all film related.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Sean, I am with you on Upgrade. It wasn’t the best movie of the year by far, but it was my most enjoyable movie going experience this year (packed theater with all the gasps, groans and laughs in the right places). Took me right back to the late 80’s.

  • Jameson

    Jay’s puking is easily best content of 2018.

  • yonato

    Nice ????

  • Maybe this was too obvious, but how the fuck was Nicolas Cage not a paycheck award nominee? He was in 6 films and some might argue that “Mom & Dad” and “Vengeance” were 2018 films as well.

  • I thought Frank’s list was pretty solid.

  • Sean

    He was on our short list! The award is also partially just about visibility though and a handful of the movies he starred in were pretty unknown VOD movies and voice roles. If anything, I would make the case it should be called the Nicolas Cage Honourary Paycheck Award and he should be disqualified just like the Jon Hamm one.

  • Ha! I like that idea!

  • Corey Pierce

    I’m just gonna say in Jon Hamm/Bad Times at the El Royale’s defense:
    Without going into spoilers – that accent is supposed to be bad, and his nomination should thus be stricken from the record.

  • pcch7

    Oh I also have to agree with Frank that you can’t give the BBQ award to a movie that hasn’t been released on baby blu yet, what if it has a bad transfer or something is messed up. Maybe a Projuicer of the Year award next year eyy

  • pcch7

    I love the Junkies, and I think a Filmjunk Academy ReAwards show would be cool, where you either look back on an older year or maybe the week after the Oscars to see what really should have won.

  • Andrew Lincoln

    I’d DEFINITELY prefer to hear you talk about a film like THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT than AQUAMAN. I have a theory that applies to myself and I can’t speak for other listeners, but I think your regular listeners (like me) just want you hear you talk, and the idiotic blockbusters lead to less interesting discussions; however, I’ll keep listening no matter what. It’s been like 11 years of listening for me.

  • Andrew Lincoln

    Jfc I lost it at the puke

  • Andrew Lincoln

    Obviously the exception is if it’s a superhero movie and Dax is on.

  • windh

    Many thanks for the great ep. Special thanks to Jay, for sharing his vomit with us. It was actually a more pleasant audio experience than the regular burping (which I must say, has decreased remarkably of late).

    Regarding the discussion on which type of films that are reviewed, I personally have no problem with the occasional blockbuster, it is just the overwhelming amount of SUPER HERO-stuff that just makes me gag.

    But I would love some more retro stuff!

  • windh

    That would be interesting.

  • Lior

    I think the “previously on” should be in every episode. The continuity of Film Junk is so dense… the drama so compelling… the fart jokes so out of context…

  • Glad to see that Sean & Jay finally deemed a documentary worthy enough to make their Top Ten list instead of benching them into a genre one.

  • Sean

    I’m pretty sure there have been documentaries on our top 10 lists from past years like Grizzly Man, Man on Wire and The King of Kong. I think initially we thought the separate lists would bring more attention to the docs and give more room for them to be recognized but maybe it didn’t work out that way. Good to know.

  • polar909

    Great end of year episode guys, and thanks for another year of filmjunk!

    One 2018 recomemdation that I don’t think any of you have have mentioned – ‘An Elephant Sitting Still’.
    A very bleak but super immersive and very interesting style of film. It’s been climbing up my top 10 ever since I watched it. The director actually killed himself shortly after finishing the film….