Film Junk Podcast Episode #689: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse + Roma


0:00 – Intro: Jay’s Travels
18:15 – Review: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
43:50 – Review: Roma
1:08:45 – Other Stuff We Watched: Border, Filmworker, A Simple Favor, Creed II, Room 237, Shirkers, Sorry To Bother You, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Tom Cruise / McQ Motion Smoothing PSA
1:51:15 – Outro

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  • Newtman98
  • schizopolis

    I sometimes see ads for Soylent inside the subway cars and it makes me think of Sean lol

  • Sean, I had the same problem with Spider-Man. A combination of sitting too close and not being able to tell if the blurry layering was intentional or not. It didn’t help that a trailer before the movie was legitimately unwatchable because it was shaking and blurry for some reason, that kept me questioning the projection.

  • Cocky S.O.B.

    So good. The boys are back. Awesome episode.

  • Aaron

    I have to say that I felt similar to Frank about Roma. The visuals were great, but I just didn’t connect as much with the actual story or characters. Maybe I’m missing something, but for now I would say it’s a 4/5 for me.

  • frankw35

    Sean, re: B&W UHD, the only other one I’m aware of is the latest restoration of It’s a Wonderful Life which Paramount has released on streaming services like Vudu and iTunes (4k, HDR10). It’s a good restoration and the movie has never looked better (sharper detail. deeper blacks and contrast) but there’s only so much you can do with old material.
    The other Paramount non-disc UHD release is fantastic–1953 War of the Worlds–terrific picture and 5.1 sound mix. that really puts you in the middle of the action.
    And the streaming only UHD of Lawrence of Arabia (Amazon, not the iTunes version) is also fantastic.It’s also really hard to find with a regular search so linked here, but there’s almost certain to be a disc at some point.
    BTW, I”m tempted to go see Spider Man again in 3D this time after hearing Jay rave about it..

  • devolutionary

    I recall the tongue-and-cheek ribbing going on (a year ago?) over Lord and Miller’s exit from the Star Wars “Solo” filming. All the sarcastic quips by Jay over how indispensable their contributions must’ve been by fans who were surprised at the exit. After all, it’s Kathleen Kennedy who really knows how the Disney “sauce” is made. Episode #616

  • I am jealous of Frank’s old person shower. Sitting in the shower is the best.

  • Beat_C

    thank for recommending “shirkers”. i watched it tonight and thought it was something quite special: funny, interesting, weird and haunting.

  • Deven Science

    I talked about this same thing in my Letterboxd review! I was convinced that they were accidentally projecting the 3D version off and on for the first 40 minutes. When I saw the ghostly red and blue, that’s when I knew it was a style choice, since red/blue isn’t used for 3D anymore.

    Saying that, I still applaud them for making such bold stylistic choices in the animation.

  • Deven Science

    “I”m tempted to go see Spider Man again in 3D this time after hearing Jay rave about it..”

    Same thought ran through my mind.

  • Jameson

    That brief moment when Jay teased that he had another 6/5 they didn’t know about was amazing. I could sense Frank sweating.

  • Kevin Cardoza

    One wishes that Christopher Nolan would do his own PSA declaring that movies are definitely not meant to be watched on the “Vivid” setting of televisions, just to see how far Frankie’s loyalty will go.

  • Oso Jugo

    C’mon, although I agree that the majority of the people interviewed in Room 237 are completely off the mark, the Native American theme definitely holds water, although I’d say it’s more of a leitmotif than a major theme. There is Native American imagery all over The Shining. Frank couldn’t give it that much credit?

    Wait a second, it’s all becoming clear in my mind now. You guys got in contact with the higher ups and said “listen, we want to make this premium happen, but we need authorized scripts and talking points up here, and we need them fast.” The big wigs say “we’ve got you boys covered,” and whaddayaknow, the 2001 UHD is suddenly and mysteriously delayed on the day it’s supposed to released. Sean drops the bomb on the podcast, “Oh, we’re going to have to wait a little longer to pump out this special premium, film junkees.” Cheel is then sent on a trip to work on a “project”, meanwhile he’s tweeting out pictures of circuses and magic circles, he’s talking to black magicians, he’s getting to the Groot of the problem, if you know what I’m saying. He finally talks to his contact, the high warlock Donner, and they have a little Donner party. Cheel tells him to his face what he thought about his Superman II director’s cut, they tussle, with Cheel coming out the victor. In a very secret, Eyes Wide Shut style cult ritual, Cheel is awarded the authorized scripts and all appropriate minutia relating to how film junk’s going to have to spin this Kubrick yarn. Cheel finally returns to the the Frank’s house studio–that was formerly used as an old person’s home, in other various clandestine productions–where the three conspirators prepare to announce the finalized plan for the Stanley Kubrick premium during episode 689. Can you believe what these three are up to?

  • Aaron

    Sean gets the best line of the episode right at the end with “Cherry Poppins”. Well done.

  • B MP Rooney

    Yo. What the fuck does Frank’s shower look like?

  • B MP Rooney

    Honest to gosh, does anyone else just like – freaking love the heck out of Film Junk? I’ve relistened to this episode twice now in between by fifth go through with the Harry Potter premium. Sean, Jay, and Frank. It’s just so bizarrely out of this world incredible. Of course it’s funny. But it’s also just the best conversation three friends could have.

  • Sean

    Agreed, haunting is a great word to describe it.

  • Sean

    Thanks, yeah I forgot that there are some 4K B&W films available digitally. I do have a digital copy of it’s a Wonderful Life. I wonder if my iTunes copy got upgraded to 4k for free…?

  • iTunes upgraded my old Sicario purchase from HD to 4K so most likely that’s what happened to your Wonderful Life too.

  • Totally agree with Sean about the animation in the 2D Spider-Man. Both my wife and I thought maybe the theater was showing us the 3D version without giving us glasses. I went so far as to go out to the lobby and grab a pair of glasses from the recycle bin and wear them for a few minutes.

    Some of the animation has that red/blue blurriness that old 3D movies had.

  • filmjunk briefly

  • Lior

    There seem to be some misunderstanding regarding the production history of Roma. It was made completely independently of Netflix by the production company Participant Media. It then became part of a bidding war between Netflix and Universal, with Netflix winning the bid to distribute. It has nothing to do with Netflix’s technical requirements for its original content. The opening credits also do not present the film under the “Netflix Original” banner, but simply as “Netflix presents”.

    Regarding the movie itself, it’s interesting to view it in the grand scheme of Cuaron’s filmography, apart for being a sort of general index to what influenced his films, he had always had a fascination with womanhood and especially maternal figures. Someone pointed out to me that the entrance to the family’s house is long and narrow and could possibly be symbolizing a uterus. While it may sound like a cheap Freudian interpretation, it makes a lot of sense to me, with the constant emphasis on the cars entering into it and finding it hard to navigate, and especially seeing how it’s always dirty and needs to be cleaned up. This reading of the movie reflects tremendously on Cleo’s story and the family’s troubles.

    Fascinating film, but many of its intricacies only dawn on you after you watched it.

  • gibson8

    I agree with Frankie as well. It’s a Christmas miracle!

  • gibson8

    Frank assuming that all showers have those handrails was weird. ‘Sounds like he was trying to justify sitting down.????????

  • Andrew Lincoln

    I thought the same thing as Sean.. that I was in 3D screening by accident. But once my eyes adjusted, I could differentiate the red/blue as a stylistic choice. Can’t wait to watch it again. Great episode!

  • frankw35 important