Sylvester Stallone Not Likely to Return for Creed III


After such a strong opening weekend for Creed II (the biggest to date for any Rocky-related movie), it doesn’t seem crazy to think that the story will continue with another sequel in the near future. But if it does, it sounds like Adonis Creed may have to move on without Rocky Balboa in his corner. Sylvester Stallone has posted a video to Instagram this week announcing that this movie will be his “last rodeo” and that he is essentially retiring the Rocky Balboa character. Here’s what he had to say:

Now to be fair, Stallone has previously said he was done with both the Rocky and Rambo franchises only to return to them one more time. However, it does feel like removing Rocky would be best for the Creed series at this point if it wants to truly become its own thing. Many have criticized Creed II for being too focused on Rocky, so perhaps that has also factored into Stallone’s decision. That being said, his presence would obviously be sorely missed. What do you think… is this just a publicity stunt or is he really hanging up the gloves for good?

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