Film Junk Podcast Episode #684: Suspiria


0:00 – Intro
8:35 – Review: Suspiria
1:33:20 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Sisters Brothers, Filmworker, Outlaw King
2:07:18 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:14:10 – Outro
2:20:25 – Spoiler Discussion: Suspiria

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  • “With…my girlfriend”

  • Mrespony

    A nearly 3 hour episode with next to no show notes? Intriguing.

  • parapa

    New Suspiria = This decade’s Mr. Nobody

  • Tommy

    Okay. I’m heading in worried. Loved the new Suspiria.

  • Kurt

    I’ve got your back, sir.

  • Tim

    Have the guys given any 6 out of 5s in 2018?

  • devolutionary

    Considering Kurt’s love ofEyes Wide Shut (and rightfully so), would he be willing to dedicate 3 hours to the upcoming Kubrick Premium? Who am I kidding?, it would become 5 hours I’m sure ;)
    I thought Filmworker was decent although I wished it committed more to Leon Vitali or balanced the perspective from Kubrick’s camp. I had no idea he was a well known UK TV character actor before Barry Lyndon.

  • devolutionary

    Jay dished out a “6” banger for Mandy; Reed did the same for MI: Fallout. Take that with a grain of salt.

  • Sam

    The Filmworker sounds a ton like the relationship between Orson Welles and Gary Graver for the making of The Other Side of the Wind which they also released a documentary on NetFlix to go along with the release of the movie called They’ll Love Me When Im Dead that’s probably a solid Netflix double feature.

  • pcch7

    I wish Frank had been there when Kurt said Phantom Thread was his favorite movie of the year =D

  • Bobby Dante

    “It forces you to wallow in grotesque horror and misery.” Yep, couldn’t describe the insufferable experience of listening to Kurt during the Suspira review. That’s why I didn’t care so much that row three came to an end. Now I need a good dose of Reed to cleanse my misery.

  • Ahh I forgot Kurt pronounced put like putt. That’s fun.

    I love his passion and the different perspective he brings to FJ, maybe just give him something to snack on next time so he doesn’t interrupt every sentence ;) All joking aside, listening to the entire review and spoiler, I still have no clear indication of whether or not I’ll like Suspiria.

  • Tommy

    When I saw Filmworker at a festival I thought it was horribly made and amateurish, but you guys didn’t mention anything like that. I wonder if it got re-edited by the time it reached Netflix.

  • stevens1

    Let someone else talk Kurt!

  • Colin

    Nothing has changed. Looks like garbage.

  • Tommy

    I think my main problem was the pacing. I remember it was exhausting to watch because it never took a breath.

  • Tommy

    Pro Kurt ?

  • Brian.M

    Always enjoyed RowThree, and curious to know what Kurt (and Andrew) thought of Mandy. I loved it, but judging by Kurt’s reference to his Screen Anarchy review, he did not.

  • Indianamcclain

    I didn’t know Tilda Swinton was the old man, but it completely makes sense. The old man’s voice sounded like the woman to me. I had a hard time believing that was a real man. Something was just off about it.

  • pcch7

    When Kurt was talking about Ridley Scott I suddenly remembered that movie The Counselor. Had totally forgotten about it, curious to rewatch it now

  • parapa

    It was so kind of Kurt to let Sean and Jay make a cameo appearance on his episode of FilmJunk

  • Sam

    He managed to name drop Counselor, Blade Runner, Alien and Kingdom of Heaven in one episode. Quite a bit of Ridley Scott love there.

  • pcch7

    Was listening at work, only heard Blade Runner and Alien but The Counselor popped into my mind. I only remember it looking nice and that it had good audio. I’d be interested in a 4k forcefeed for that one

  • Kurt

    COUNSELOR is an unsung, misunderstood masterpiece that savages American Exceptionalism with a fair amount of nihilistic grace. I watch it, particularly the extended director’s cut often (where Bruno Ganz has an extended speech (the diamond sale) to further underline the films point – there is also a weird joke about dogfood that was cut).

  • Kurt

    It’s actually up at IN THE SEATS. I like it, I just didn’t love it.

  • Kurt

    This always happens. Yet they keep inviting me back. Interruptions and microphone hogging and everything.. :)

  • Dob

    I miss Kurt and Andrew and Row3. Sean, baby, please bring them back regularly to FJ!

    FJ and R3 are the 2 best film podcasts out there and one of them is no longer existing. More Kurt. That being said, I also love me some Greg.

  • Sean

    To be fair, he had months of pent up podcasting that he needed to unleash. :) And I had no problem sitting back and listening to what he had to say about the movie anyway, it was an enlightening conversation.

  • Sean

    Yeah it’s definitely a bit rough around the edges but I still thought there was a compelling story in there.

  • Sean

    We still need to get Andrew on a regular episode one of these days.

  • Brian.M

    Thanks Kurt. Hope all are well (fwiw – you were the first person I remember referring to their son as ‘the boy’)

  • When it comes to Film Junk guests – be it Kurt, Zak or Reed – this seems to be an applicable meme for comment section:

  • Kurt

    Ha! Thanks. (I still do!)

  • Jake

    Always love the Kurt episodes.

  • Beat_C

    well, how kurt is able to talk over the master of interruptions, jay, is actually quite admirable.

  • Kevin Cardoza

    On the “Netflix paralysis” thing, I find another contributor is that in this age of weird digital copyright insanity and studios attempting their own streaming sites, I always have this mental block of thinking the movies labelled “Netflix Original” will always be available, so it almost feels like a waste to watch it over something else on my list that could get pulled off at any moment.

  • Demetri

    Nothing against Kurt. I’m sure he’s a great guy but his film neediness comes off as so pretentious. Couple cringey moments with him but overall good episode.

  • Mark Stevens

    Yeah, nothing like a blast from the Halfyard past to remind how iritating it used to be to hear Kurt keep mispronouncing the word “put.” It’s supposed to rhyme with “foot” not sound like something you do at the end of a hole on the green. Luckily, he didn’t have an opportunity to massacre somebody’s name. (I’m still cringing over “Mygell Fairer,” aka Miguel Ferrer.)

  • Beat_C

    hey sean, have you seen this?

  • Sean

    No but I will definitely check it out. Thanks!

  • Kurt

    Maybe the Bible told me so? (Probably not, I’m agnostic.)

  • Kurt

    Pretentious is just another way of saying ‘meticulous taste!’ I watch stuff from all over the world, fiction, non-fiction, experimental, trash, camp, high art, short films, any language, silent, etc.
    If that is pretentious….I happily will own the label.

  • You must have missed his pronunciation of “nomenclature”. That was a new one even for me! God bless him.

  • In some ways I wish R3 was still around. Then Kurt and I could go on A LOT longer about The Sisters Brothers. I too quite enjoyed it.

    Then you could just not download it and go on about your business.

  • gibson8

    Nice to hear from you again Kurt. Knowledge is despised in these parts I’m afraid and those who worship at the altar of ignorance worship only one contrarian God. The absence of frivolity and subsequent interruptions from Jay means that there is a more steady flow in conversation which will unsettle some of His children.