Breaking Bad Movie Officially in the Works


Update: /Film is reporting that the movie will be set after the series finale and will star Aaron Paul returning as Jesse Pinkman.

Following up on the recent news that AMC is developing three Walking Dead feature films, it has also come to light this week that Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is in development on some kind of Breaking Bad-related movie. Details are still somewhat scarce, but sources have confirmed that preproduction is underway in New Mexico and that the project is expected to start shooting in just a few weeks. What we don’t know is whether any of the show’s cast will return and where the story might fit in to the overall timeline. Hit the jump for more info.

The first details on the Breaking Bad movie were reported by The Albuquerque Journal but this was soon confirmed by Variety as well. According to the Journal, the film’s story “tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.” That doesn’t give us a whole lot to go on and neither does the movie’s supposed codename: Greenbrier.

It is unclear whether the project is currently being targeted for a theatrical release. The Walking Dead movies that were just announced by AMC will supposedly be TV movies, but The Albuquerque Journal headline proclaims that Breaking Bad is “coming to the big screen.” If it is indeed a theatrical release, that could mean that some of the bigger name cast members will be returning (although if they bring back Bryan Cranston it will have to be a prequel for obvious reasons). What would you like to see from a Breaking Bad movie?

  • Mark

    Spoilers Sean “(although if they bring back Bryan Cranston it will have to be a prequel for obvious reasons)” :)

  • Jake

    There is a fan edit ‘movie’ out there, where someone cut the series down to a 2 hour movie, and it is surprisingly really well done. It obviously has great source material to play with, but worth checking out if you enjoyed the show.

  • Jameson

    I love BB but I have no desire to watch a 2 hour Jessie Pinkman movie to explain things no one asked to explain. Leave shit alone!!

  • Tor Ste

    I guess everybody, who’s interested in the movie, has seen the show.

  • Beat_C

    you’ve made a great thing. now let it rest. it’s done.