Ball Junk Podcast Episode #33: NBA Season Preview 2018


The Annual Ball Junk NBA Preview is here and it’s the show you’ve been waiting for. We make our predictions on which teams will make the playoffs, who will be the 2019 NBA Champions and reveal the results of the NBA Off Season Game of Likely or Unlikely. You can also listen as Frankie Knuckles goes off on media pushed MVP’s, horrible officiating and pretty much everything else. We take your feedback and questions in Sack Time and Frankie, once again, gets the Gas Pedal. Download and subscribe on iTunes or listen right here. It’s Episode 33 of the Ball Junk Podcast! Balls!

0:00:00 – Intro
0:05:55 – NBA Season Preview
0:55:30 – Sack Time
1:08:35 – Gas Pedal / Outro

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  • Dinobot2

    I love season previews for a season that’s already more than 1 week in. While i’m at it i’ll also watch a trailer after I see the movie itself.

  • Balls

    Frank’s a busy guy. Life happens. Hope you found some enjoyment in the show.

  • devolutionary

    “Friiii-day night’s a great night for football!”. Sorry, wrong reference.
    Keep those balls in the air gentlemen. Frankie’s just another “JAFO”, huh? . Blue Thunder’s now on Netflix so he has no excuse. Even features a baby-faced Daniel Stern, the true star of Home Alone along with the “other guy”, right? “<" then the best, the Bestest!

  • pcch7


  • tyler mikol

    Frank did you guys just get the TouchTunes jukeboxs? We’ve had them forever and I’ve spent thousands bullying the jukebox from my phone…