Film Junk Premium Podcast #68: Dario Argento


Bad luck isn’t brought by broken mirrors but by broken minds. With Halloween just around the corner and the Suspiria remake coming to theatres shortly, we thought it was the perfect time to dive into the filmography of influential Italian horror maestro Dario Argento. His work had been a major blind spot for two of us but we were able to rectify that by covering a handful of his most well-known films from The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Deep Red and Suspiria to Tenebre and Phenomena. Discussion topics include the evolution and influence of the giallo genre, the awkward dubbing of dialogue, metronome sex and the glorious music of Goblin. So does Suspiria qualify as Argento’s ultimate masterpiece? What are the most brutal and creative kills? Do any of the twist endings actually make sense or are they all complete nonsense? Grab your black gloves and shiny murder weapons and download this month’s premium podcast below.

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  • devolutionary

    Very “cutting” and “colourful” Premium fellas. I don’t think anyone (Frank included) should’ve been surprised that Phenomena would be his Frank nip. It has nearly every Frankie calling-card in it, except Mom mentality, which does pop up in a few other Argento films.

    To pile on the rub-a-“dub”, I decided to watch Deep Red for the first time in English and had to force subtitles later because it was the abridged English dub. So there was around 20-25 min of switched out Italian audio.

  • Marc Inman

    I have to say, who would have thought that Argento would be the man to bring together Jay and Frank into such a love fest. GET A ROOM you guys! Forget Brangelina make way for Jank!

  • Kasper

    I had very low expectations for this premium, but hoo boy, top notch content! Loved it!

  • Jameson

    YASS! As soon as Goblin’s Suspiria theme started I got chills.

  • Lori Cerny

    Great premium, but gotta give you guys a point off for not mentioning this. In Dead Red, Mrs. Ulmann’s got “MAN HANDS” !!! That was so distracting that I kept being taken out of the movie.

  • I’m not aware that PHENOMENA is thought of as lesser Argento. Before the full version was released in the US on Blu-ray a couple years ago, horror and general film fans were clamoring for it. Anyway, it’s my favorite Argento, too.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Can we agree now that whoever dies first out of the Film Junk trio (Jay) has to have “You’re Done Bud” written on their gravestone.

  • Mrespony
  • Sam

    I think it’s just considered “lesser” compared to his top 3 or so. But it’s definitely part of his run of 9 movies that are considered his prime: Brid with the Crystal Plumage through Opera. Everything after that would definitely be considered “lesser Argento”.

    Sean mentioned he can’t really imagine how far Dario could fall considering these were all good. Trust me, you don’t want to know. Mother of Tears and Phantom of the Opera were terrible, and I never bothered with stuff like Giallo and Dracula 3D which tend to be considered worse.

  • Isildur_of_Numenor

    Great one guys, but no ratings for Tenebre?! Did Jay edit the show and cut it out as part of his no-ratings heresy?

  • Sean

    I thought we gave ratings for it but maybe we forgot? Could have been an editing glitch I guess. Only Jay knows the truth.

  • Jameson

    Frankie, I hope you’re also checking out Goblin’s live albums on Spotify. Mad Puppets off their Live in Austin release is crazy good!

  • LongSlog

    The Goblin song you were playing wasn’t samples by Daft Punk, but it was sampled by Justice!

    Goblin song:

    Justice song:

    As a fan of the Justice version I had never known this, so thanks for helping me make the connection!

    Great Premium guys! Love the Jay + Frankie love vibes.

  • Tim

    Fun listen, glad a couple of you found some new movies to like and log! Bummer you guys didn’t watch Inferno – I find it superior to Suspiria – fells less logical/linear and more dream-like to me.

    And yes, Goblin did some amazing work that is totally listenable outside the context of the movies.

  • Optimuspigg

    Frankie, the girl in Suspiria doesn’t fall into a room of wire, it’s BARBED wire, bud! You didn’t catch that??? YOU’RE DONE, BUD!!!