Film Junk Podcast Episode #680: First Man + 22 July


0:00 – Intro
13:05 – Review: First Man
46:45 – Review: 22 July
1:05:15 – Other Stuff We Watched: Badlands, Body Melt, Chopping Mall, Countdown, Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot, From the Earth to the Moon, Toy Polloi
1:38:10 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:40:30 – Outro

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  • Blake in Boston

    Cool show, very cool. You guys should pop on Apostle (Netflix) next week. It’s a hoot.

  • parapa

    22 July is shot on a RED camera apparently, which would explain the different look (although I thought it looked better than all the other originals I’ve seen from them). I think Netflix might mandate that their filmmakers shoot 4k digital, so they can more easily do HDR straight off the source files. Its a bummer considering how many great HDR transfers there are from film sources.

    Here’s an excerpt from a Darius Khondji interview about shooting Okja:

    “`NFS: You had originally wanted to shoot on film. Why didn’t you, ultimately?

    Khondji: The only thing Netflix told us is that we should shoot on digital. It was really important to them because of the 4K streaming. Otherwise, Netflix gave us absolute freedom. They’ve always been very supportive creatively.“`

  • No update on Maniac, Sean? Not through yet or lost interest?

  • Ron Howard (voiceover): It wasn’t.

  • Sean

    4 episodes in and it’s starting to be a struggle. But I did like the first couple of episodes so I’m not giving up just yet.

  • devolutionary

    3rd and 4th episodes are more representative of the show but it does start to get pretty surreal/fantastical in the home stretch.

  • Jameson

    Really hope you guys get to review Apostle. Shit’s bonkers.

  • j-diggle

    I got to see Ballad of Buster Scruggs this week, the Netflix digital look has sadly even made it’s way to the Coen Bros.

  • Sean

    Bummer. Did you see it on the big screen?

  • parapa

    It’s shit

  • frankw35

    Another great show. “First Man” was a 5 out of 5 for me. And all that “controversy” about the flag planting was pre-release extreme right wing idiocy from commentators who hadn’t even seen the movie yet. was actually celebrating the weak box office and the writer of that piece still hadn’t seen it. Plenty of flags and flag waving in this movie, and the moon landing sequence focuses on only one thing planted; to expand it would have lessened that impact.

  • Tommy

    Sean. You need to lock down your Netflix bitrate.
    I dunno about your TV app, but the hidden shortcut to do it on computers is ctr+alt+shift+s. It’s a bloody life saver.

  • Kyle Grimes

    Sean riding the critical wave again I see. First Man is mediocre at best

  • Oso Jugo

    I know this doesn’t relate at all with the topic at hand but for some reason I was thinking of that movie Diamonds Are Forever. Remember that one? That was a good one.

  • Marc Inman

    So I’m gonna chuck this here in the hope Sean gets a whiff and can bring this up next week seeing as Halloween is out! I’m listening to the Halloween unmasked podcast I think was mentioned last week and just came across J.C saying that comedy is much harder to do than horror, a good well constructed joke is tough to do! Is it true that J.C would be a much better friend for Frankie than our very own beloved J.C? I know this ship has sailed but thought it might be worth noting where a master of horror stands on this issue.

  • Sean

    I think I actually liked it more than the critical wave seems to be liking it.

  • Sean

    Thanks for the heads up on that feature. I don’t think it exists for TVs although it did make me turn on the info display on my TV to see the current bitrate as I am watching. It is very puzzling, when I run a network test in the Netflix app it will report 40+ Mbps but as I am watching it is mostly hovering around 8-10 Mbps. I think that slowly increases as it ramps up and buffers more and then bumps up the resolution. Sometimes I do see it immediately jump to Dolby Vision when I start the movie but other times it doesn’t. Not sure why. I need to experiment more with some of my game consoles and compare how they all work too. But either way, this is frustrating.

  • Sean

    Well he did direct Memoirs of an Invisible Man, a Chevy Chase comedy that wasn’t very well received. Maybe that is where that opinion comes from. I may finally try to watch it this week and report back on it.

  • Marc Inman

    Ah this is true, some would say he failed with Dark Star too so maybe he is speaking from experience. Although Big Trouble is hilarious so he can do it. I like invisible man too, get on that!

  • devolutionary

    Vampires works way better as a working-man’s dark comedy than a horror too.

  • Marc Inman

    Chocola is extremely funny.

  • Marc Inman

    The full quote is “it’s easier to scare an audience than to make it laugh. It takes incredible skill to concoct a good visual joke but I think anybody who has seen a lot of movies could make a semi credible imitation of a horror movie” So to add context it was about him not wanting to do horror. Still, he is well known to be quite dismissive of his own skills so maybe he’s just downplaying the fact he’s awesome. I think he does both incredibly well just thought it’s a nice wrinkle to add to Franks belief he could totally nail a horror film, dirt cheap with no experience.

  • Jay Cheel

    I’ve listened to this as well and it wasn’t JC that said this. I believe it may have been Tommy Lee Wallace.

  • Marc Inman

    Ahhhh then I’ll shut the fuck up! My bad JCHeel. Good Podcast, thanks for the recommend.

  • Nic

    Frank is right about the scores of First Man and La La Land! I believe he was talking about this part:
    La La Land:

    First Man:

  • j-diggle

    Yeah. Thought it looked of, but definitely not in the league with the Coen’s previous work.

  • Mrespony

    Any particular reason that Maniac needed to be a series and couldn’t have been made into a film?

  • Mrespony

    There were great comedic bits in They Live and Big Trouble in Little China.

  • devolutionary

    Financially or ratings-wise it probably makes more sense. More dedicated viewership, binging, and distribution of cost. More eggs in one basket with the singular movie model. Since Stone and Hill also produced it, it probably gives them more flexibility to stretch their acting chops. Although I think Jonah’s reserved, introverted performance was more effective. Also allows the high-concept more time to character-build. None of the elements seemed original on their own but combined to create something interesting. Somehow I don’t think this would’ve been as effective in 2 hours. Even though it’s probably 2-3 episodes too long, I’m still happy it was limited. I doubt Netflix could afford to finance both of them long-term.

  • Mrespony

    Ah, so money and self-indulgence. I guess I’m just more impressed by (and sadly, have more time for) a fantastic story that can be told in 2 hours or less.