Mel Gibson to Direct The Wild Bunch Remake


Now that Mel Gibson’s personal issues seem to have mostly faded from the public view, he is apparently making up for lost time as a filmmaker. Hacksaw Ridge put him back on the map after a decade away and since then he has been developing a WWII naval film called Destroyer and a sequel to The Passion of the Christ. Now this week he is adding another project to the list and, perhaps not surprisingly, it is likely to be another gritty, ultraviolent action movie. The new wrinkle this time around is that it is also a remake of a beloved classic. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

According to Deadline, Mel Gibson is set to direct a remake of the 1969 western The Wild Bunch for Warner Brothers. The original was directed by Sam Peckinpah and was heavily criticized for its violence at the time. Gibson will also executive produce and co-write the script with Bryan Bagby (L.I.N.X.).

Warner Brothers has been trying to set up a remake of this movie for years now with Tony Scott once rumoured to direct. Back in 2013, Will Smith had also supposedly signed on to star but it does not seem like he is involved anymore. Either way, if you’re looking for a director who might satisfy fans of the original, it seems like Mel Gibson isn’t a bad choice. Are you looking forward to a remake of The Wild Bunch?