Film Junk Podcast Episode #677: Mandy + Fahrenheit 11/9


0:00 – Intro
9:00 – Review: Mandy
50:00 – Review: Fahrenheit 11/9
1:11:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: Beyond the Black Rainbow, 976-Evil, Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro
1:29:30 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:33:48 – Outro

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  • Isildur_of_Numenor

    Looking forward to the Argento premium. Here are those options you can completely ignore:
    1. The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
    2. Deep Red
    3. Suspiria
    4. Tenebre
    5. Opera

    Other fan favorites: Four Flies on Grey Velvet, Inferno, Phenomena.

  • Rob

    Ended up catching Mandy at the Niagara Square theatres. They very nearly blew out speakers for our showing, which honestly was the best way to watch this thing. If anyone interested in this movie can still see it in theatres (especially for a first time watch), I absolutely encourage it.

    To any Niagara listeners, there is one more showing at Cineplex, Wednesday Sept 26 at 10:20pm.

  • parapa

    Jay calling Mandy exactly on the mark, I won’t be surprised if this is regarded as an all timer genre classic 10 years down the road. And watching it late at night on a laptop without headphones you’re missing like half the experience.

  • Thom

    Will Argento be the first premium where only one of the participants has previously seen any of the movies?

  • Tommy

    I am so into a horror comedy premium.

  • Lori Cerny

    I’ve heard very divisive reviews – some really hate it and call it boring and others think it’s the greatest film ever.

    Good on Cage.

  • Lori Cerny

    Oh, if Mandy isn’t playing at your local theater, it’s on Amazon Prime for $4.99.

  • Sean

    I think so. The next closest would probably be Godzilla, where we all hadn’t seen most of them but I think we all had at least seen the original and the Roland Emmerich one.

  • Oso Jugo

    Gotta say, even in that short clip, when I hear “like a fat kid through cake”, I’m already wincing. Lines like that should be retired.

  • Sam

    I’d agree with those 5 options, but I think tossing in Phenomena as the 6th option, which it’s been a while since they’ve done that many films would be interesting it having Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasance in it and all.

    I also enjoy Cat O’ Nine Tails but it could be skipped.

    This premium will be an interesting one. Even among Argento fans and Italian horror fans, Argento can be divisive and pretty split. I think overall, I prefer Bava and maybe even Fulci, but visually, Argento is a must and very curious how Frank and Sean will react to his movies. This could be a pretty fun premium.

  • frankw35

    I do think Phemonena has to be in there…how can they pass up Donald
    Pleasence, bugs, and a monkey? And guys, please don’t stream Suspiria (or watch
    on your computer, Frank). Get the new Severin restoration
    Blu-ray. It’s currently a little pricey 27 in US, 42 in Ca) but it’s fantastic and the colors and audio in that movie demand that it be
    watched in high quality on a good TV with a good sound system. The Severin release is as great as it has ever looked.

  • devolutionary

    I’m still surprised they didn’t settle on Bava first, since I’m pretty sure Jay is a bigger fan of his. Having said that, Suspiria is still a popular Halloween midnight-madness choice. Caught it last year on 4K although it didn’t look 100% pristine on the big-screen. Maybe the theatre’s fault?

  • devolutionary

    So not that different from Beyond the Black Rainbow? I’ve been hearing that it’s been getting far more positive reviews from the midnight/horror crowd by comparison. Beyond… really tests your patience despite the fantastic creepy imagery, atmosphere, and visuals. Apparently both movies have an emotional through line for Panos during and after his father’s passing.

  • Sam

    Mariah Carey’s Glitter??

  • Jameson

    Absolutely stoked for an Argento premium! Deep Red was already on my list to watch this October. And so glad someone gave Mandy a 6/5.

  • SquidHead#1Fan

    Where can I get some China Honey?

  • schizopolis

    I almost wished Frank gave Mandy a 6 out of 5 just so Jay could spitefully and secretly bring his rating down to 5.

    I’d say Mandy was overindulgent 80’s inspired goth-fantasy horror like Drive was overindulgent 80’s inspired crime. They’re both feasts for the proper connoisseur.

  • Strybeck

    Watching this many Argento movies in a short span of time is going to be challenging in regards to keeping the plots straight in your minds. There are a lot of characters and relationships, backstories and whodunnit mysteries. Take good notes! I’ve seen 5 of his films. Suspiria, Phenomena, and Tenebre are my “essentials.” Phenomena and Tenebre have some interesting scenes involving animals. Deep Red may also be fun to discuss a murder mystery. Opera is more of a “slasher” and had its moments, but for me was a bit tedious.

  • Optimus_Pigg

    Once you watch a block of Argento, you’ll realize Panos worships openly at his and Mario Bava’s feet.
    I beg you to include ‘Inferno’ on the premium. Talk about something ‘hypnotic’ or ‘dream like’, it doesn’t get much better than that IMO.

    Also, maybe you guys should be the evil bikers from Mandy for Halloween?
    Just get some leather jackets and take about 20 hits of LSD each!

  • Sam

    Or at least chug some China Honey

  • Sam

    Also…not sure if it counts but what about Steel and/or Kazaam?

  • Brian.M

    Hey Folks. Great ep. Here are some thoughts on the movie suggestions.

    Re: Flash in the Pan Choices
    Think Big, 1989 (Jon Turteltaub)
    FRED: The Movie, 2010 (Clay Weiner)
    Keith Lemon: The Film, 2012 (Paul Angunawela)

    Re: Horror Comedy
    Fun Size, 2012 (Josh Schwartz)
    Goosebumps, 2015 (Rob Letterman)
    Halloweentown, 1998 (Duwayne Dunham)

  • Isildur_of_Numenor

    Those 5 that I listed are my favorite, I’ve never been big on Phenomena, too out there for me, maybe it’s no surprise I gravitate towards less “fantastic” films like Plumage and Deep Red. But it’s still better than most of the movies Argento made in the latter half of his career; I’d like to rewatch it and what better time to do it than around the release of the premium. Tenebre is fun! Speaking of animals, there’s a famous scene in Suspiria as well.

  • ProjectGenesis

    Can anyone confirm if the new Halloween movie uses the old school Universal logo at the beginning?

  • devolutionary

    Another meta movie is Richard Pryor’s “Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling“. I don’t know what he said before passing but throughout production and release, he “insisted” that it wasn’t based on his real life. The comic’s name is “Jo Jo Dancer” and all of the events eerily mirror and fantasize his real life story. Sure Richard, whatever you say. It’s narrated out of sequence and definitely divided critics and fans. A very bizarre, fascinating watch considering people didn’t know all his private details at the time.

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    Apparently Chris Kelly was brought in to direct that Cheddar Goblin commercial. He’s the ‘Too Many Cooks’ guy:

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Frankie Frankie FRANKIE! Baby, you know I love you but do you not see what is happening? Jay ‘Cheese Goblin’ Cheel was in your head from the minute you started this movie. Your mind was made up but you were second guessing your own opinions based on what you knew his opinions would be! Don’t buckle. Stand up for substance and great script writing. Let him squander his precious 6 on this wanna-be-cult arthouse wet fart. I saw it on the big screen with sound shaking the speakers out of the wall and was still bored to the point where, like Sean, I drifted off. Jay is projecting a bunch of his own deep and dark fantasies into the story that don’t actually exist (the wife had previous cult contact because one eye was dilated…pleeeaase). Unless the whole thing was a metaphor for science versus religion in which case it’s definitely a 6. It kinda makes sense. Nic Cage uses science (crafts a weapon / uses medication to boost his strength) to battle the superstition that brought violence to his peaceful secular life. In that case it’s a masterpiece of the highest…no, no, no – now he’s in MY head.
    Stand with Sean in holding your opinion in the face of a full scale Cheel offensive . 2 Strong. Only the Brave. Frankie: 1, COPO: Nil. The emperor definitely has no clothes.

  • Lior

    Can someone finally explain to me what “released to VOD” means? Especially for someone outside the US? Is it itunes? Streaming services such as Netflix? Your cable provider’s VOD library? It’s such a generic term, like when you go to a movie’s page on IMDB and check release dates and it says “internet”. The movie was released on the internet. It’s like saying it was shot into space.

  • andyluvsfilms

    Horror Comedy = The Return Of The Living Dead

  • Jake

    You’re right, it is a generic term. It could be released on one streaming service or a whole bunch of different ones. I think when you see internet listed on imdb then it means it is on multiple ones. I use this page to look up what is coming out. If you click on a movie it will list which digital services it is being released on. Not the greatest, but best I’ve been able to find.

  • Sean

    Yeah I always think of VOD as meaning anywhere that you can pay to rent it at home, including your cable provider (ie. not just iTunes or Amazon). But it has also become an interchangeable term for subscription services like Netflix. Often a movie will have a listed release date for “digital and VOD”, where I think digital means you can buy a digital copy to own but VOD is the rental side of it.

  • Sean

    I don’t totally remember but I believe so

  • Oso Jugo

    Jesus people were essentially hippies with a veneer of religion. I think that’s where Mandy’s cult takes its inspiration. Additionally, even the Aztecs had weapon crafting and medication, but they were tearing people’s living hearts out to appease the demons. You most definitely have to exorcise that Jaydder Goblin from the recesses or your mind.

  • iammattz

    Don’t think these are quite as “biographical” but still kinda fit in that mold of the Hulk Hogan crossover film. Maybe another premium idea?

  • yonato

    Please do a video game movie premium :D

  • Sam

    Yeah, the Shaq movies probably don’t fit but I would think Glitter would though I’ve seen it.

  • Lior

    VOD may indeed be the new “straight to video”, only that all the cheapo stuff is mixed in with some legitimate theatrical releases…

  • j-diggle

    Would any of Johnny Knoxville’s back catalogue fit into flash in the pan? I feel like Bean doesn’t fit as well, it would be the same as including Borat or Bruno.

  • Cheddar Goblin

    Can Frank please explain why he watched Mandy on his laptop? Did the guy have a greyhound bus trip or something? Nothing else makes any sense.

    It’s 2018 bud, does your high dollar tv not have any apps or do you not know how to cast, stream or connect something to your tv?

    I don’t think your splooge stained laptop monitor is how Panos intended this 6/5 to be viewed, but hey i’m no director.

  • Samb

    I hope they include all the Goblin-scored choices — Suspiria and Deep Red are the generally acknowledged masterpieces, and they were also responsible for Tenebre and Sleepless. Might be a hook to help Frankie endure the…uneven, shall we say, acting between the bravura set pieces.

  • iammattz

    Would’ve thought it would at LEAST get the bedroom beater treatment…

  • iammattz

    Yep i was just referring to Steel/Kazaam. Can’t comment on Glitter – saved myself on that one :)

  • Beat_C

    funnily written. and i agree: you could sense that frank and sean didn’t like this movie all that much (their star ratings seemed quite generous), but didn’t really dare challenge jay or contradict him. it’s a strange dynamic sometimes.

  • Samb

    Jay brought me partway around to the “prior cult experience” by bringing up the starling anecdote. It does indeed sound like something a cult leader would do, and Mandy referring to her and the others as children doesn’t rule it out, as the cult in the movie is referred to as the Children of whatever the fuck. But I agree with Frank that the cult leader’s obsession with Mandy began with the moment they passed in the bus — he quickly identified her as a new subject over whom he could wield his power (and have sex with, as he seems bored with the others).

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Hey thanks fella :-) I am of course playing a character when I post these sorts of comments and couldn’t love the FJ dynamic more. They’ll go to the trenches on the pronunciation of Krampus but waiver on their opinion of a film. On a totally different tangent, when Sean is reading out the Blu ray titles at the end of each show, does everybody else imagine that he’s just listing off his favourite sexual positions? “…The Punisher, The American psycho, The Body Melt, Quigley Down Under, The Puppet Master…”. Or is it just me?

  • pcch7

    Join the filmjunk discord btw. The more the merrier

  • gibson8

    This can’t be the first time you’ve noticed this. Sean never bothers to argue his point too vociferously since Frank usually adopts some arbitrary madness that Jay can slowly unpick before Frank backtracks. There is a flowchart outlining the dynamic on reddit.

  • gibson8

    Btw Jackie Chan is a non-practicising Buddhist who won’t even deign to play a bad guy in a movie so I think it’s unlikely he would agree to sell Christmas in a movie. Sometimes you guys have more of a Hollyweird mentality than you realise.

  • Do I need an invite to do that?

  • pcch7

    yeah, not sure if us normal plebs have the gift of invite but I can check