The Coen Brothers’ The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Trailer


Last year we heard that The Coen Brothers would be writing and directing their very first TV series, a comedic western called The Ballad of Buster Scruggs that would be released on Netflix. It turns out that this was a bit of a trojan horse because the final product ended up being a feature film anyway, albeit an anthology film structured with six different chapters. The movie already premiered at the Venice Film Festival and is expected to be in play for awards season this year with Netflix releasing it it in select theatres on the same day it arrives for home streaming. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs stars Tim Blake Nelson and it debuts on Nov. 16th; check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

  • pcch7

    Looks awesome. Been wanting more westerns from them after True Grit, I love those wide shots they get. Can’t wait

  • Lori Cerny

    I’m hoping the trailer is a con-job because the movie looks pretentious, miscast, and leaning heavily on quirkiness instead of well-rounded characters.

  • Oso Jugo

    Looks good.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Kinda bummed that this is going straight to Netflix. Looks like it would’ve been great to see on the big screen.

  • Demetri Kouvalis

    Is it just me or does this film have a STRONG digital look to it? Not sure what I think of the look…but it’s a bit harsh.

  • Deven Science

    This looks great! Even James Franco looks good in this.

  • Skewed_View

    I thought this was going to be an anthology series, not a single film. I’ll take what I can get, but I was hoping for a plethora of Coen Brothers’ westerns to be hitting Netflix.