Film Junk Podcast Episode #673: BlacKkKlansman + Eighth Grade


0:00 – Intro
17:05 – Review: BlacKkKlansman
45:15 – Review: Eighth Grade
1:10:20 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Package, American Animals, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, The Dream Team, Cobra Kai, Jeff Lynne’s E.L.O. Live, David Byrne Live
1:44:25 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:47:40 – Outro
1:52:30 – Spoiler Discussion: BlacKkKlansman

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  • Larry Morgan

    First comment, better make it good.


  • Colin


  • devolutionary

    I only fondly recall a few great moments from my middle school years but by-and-large, that experience can burn in a tire fire. To twist the knife further, I moved to another town for Grade 7 and barely knew anyone.

    Not sure if you’ve seen it before but you guys have to check out Michael Keaton’s manic debut in Night Shift w/ Henry Winkler. He already got the quirky, manic, eccentric behaviour down pat! Beetlejuice mannerisms were already creeping in.

    RE: It would be great to have Alicia on more often ‘full-episode’ if it wasn’t for those pesky kids! ;)

  • Aaron

    Thanks for another great episode! It’s good to hear Alicia back on the show.

  • devolutionary

    I know that Jay’s movie doppelganger has already been deemed Paul Thomas Anderson but I submit to you Spencer Reinhard. The love for Barry Koeghan makes total sense now. When Jay returns, maybe he can confirm whether he resembled him in college? Seeing the grown up equivalent (Spencer Reinhard) in American Animals definitely had me doing a double-take. Please tell me I’m not imagining this. Movie’s in my top ten of the year so far.

  • Dan Gordon

    I think the “fans” that complain about the guests constantly are just a vocal minority.

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    These are the episodes Alicia was on (other than the bonus ones and episode 500):

    56 – Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. This also happens to be the first episode after the name change from Space Junk. So, in a way Alicia was on the first episode of Film Junk.

    285 – The Last Exorcism

    292 – Canuxploitation (Canadian horror special)

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    This is amazing. Lol.

  • pcch7

    Alicia should be on more often if she can =)

  • I am definitely a Super Fan. Of Alicia. I also want to say thank you to my Super Fan Frank for napping in a car park due to laser tag schedule.

  • Tommy

    Yo, Frankie, don’t forget Spike brought the anger in the lynching history lesson in the middle of KkK too.

  • Brian.M

    Love the special guest rotation. Alicia is a welcome relief from the sausage fest.

  • B MP Rooney

    Pure unadulterated Content Junk!

    The Package (Netflix movie)
    American Animals (Movie)
    Teen Titans Go! to the Movies (Kids movie, Alicia fell asleep)
    The Dream Team (Classic)
    Cobra Kai (Television)
    Jeff Lynne’s E.L.O. Live (What)
    David Byrne Live (Huh)

  • Jameson

    Great having Alicia on! As a DC fan, I’m looking forward to Teen Titans Go! To the Movies but if Alicia was dropping lid that may not be a good sign…

  • Sean


  • Sean

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Night Shift but it is definitely on my To Do list.

  • Sean

    I had a lot more TV Junk I could have juiced with but I held back!

  • Nobody

    Yes, please review Crazy Rich Asians and force Reed to come on the show (and have Frank report on his mother’s opinion).

    Reed, there are a number of attractive Asian actresses in it, what more do you need to hear? Plus, he could try to explain some of the Asian cultural elements presented in the movie.

    The Reed vs. Zak poll was hilarious, but all guests have been great in these recent episodes.

  • devolutionary

    Perfect example of “not bad/much better than expected” Ron Howard. The “Zemeckis – Used Cars” of his filmography, if you will.

  • bobsponge42
  • bobsponge42

    Alicia and Frank are great additions to the show.

  • Newtman98

    What platform did Sean and Frank play Guacamelee 2 on? I played the first one on the Xbox and will most likely be playing 2 on the PS4. Just curious.

  • tyler mikol

    Never hold back Sean

  • tyler mikol

    Love Alicia joining the podcast. She is a fresh voice and has opinions that I value. SEAN, what’s the full predator premium rundown?

  • Sean

    Played it on PS4. I think it’s only out for PS4 currently.

  • Sean

    Predator, Predator 2, Predators and hopefully the AvP movies as well, just depends on time constraints.

  • RockJoker

    Someone played HM2 lately, huh Sean?)

  • Samb


    To me, everything after the explosion — the layers of reassuring buddy-cop, justice-is-done story tropes — was Lee lulling us into a false sense of security, which made the present-day footage at the end that much more infuriating. The longer the story epilogue played out the more I talked myself into the idea that maybe this really is a story about the good guys winning and everyone feeling good about themselves, audience included. Then, whammo…..

  • DannyD

    Enjoyed Alicia on the show. Nice to have a woman’s angle on the show. Definetly have her back.

  • Beat_C

    loved hearing alicia on this episode. the diary story was pure horror.

    if anything, these past few weeks proved that the show could survive without jay. in fact it was nice that nobody was talking over everybody else for a change ????

  • Sean

    I think that’s a great point and actually pretty awesome now that you put it in that context. A lot of the happy ending stuff bugged me but it makes a lot more sense that it was a setup for the real ending.

  • Sam

    I’m eager to jump into Guacamelee 2. I actually platinumed the first Guacamelee, not sure if this one is any harder or not, but curious to see if I could do the same on the sequel.

  • traynor

    I miss having Jay around, but Alicia is a badass, and it was fun hearing her take on things.

  • Nirwin

    Alicia 4 Prez