Jeremy Saulnier’s Hold the Dark Trailer


Say what you will about the original movies that Netflix released earlier this year, but they’ve got a pretty killer line-up in store for the last few months of 2018. That line-up includes new movies from Alfonso Cuaron, Gareth Evans, Paul Greengrass, David Mackenzie and Jeremy Saulnier, the latter of which has just released its first trailer. Hold the Dark looks like another tense and brutal thriller in the vein of Blue Ruin and Green Room, this time taking place in northern Alaska where a retired naturalist and wolf expert (Jeffrey Wright) answers a mother’s plea to track down the wolves that stole her son. On the surface it seems like a wilderness survival flick, but it also looks like there may be more than just man vs. nature going on here. Hold the Dark co-stars Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd, Riley Keough and James Badge Dale and it arrives on Netflix on Sept. 28th. Check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • 1138sw

    Looks very cool! I’m in!

  • Jameson

    I’m apprehensive about it being a Netflix movie but fuck I’m excited. The intensity of Green Room but with wolves? Yes please!

  • Lisa V Benson

    Looks like a nail biter!