Wes Anderson’s Next Movie Will Be a Post-WWII Musical Set in France


Although it is unclear if Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs was a box office success (it made only $64 million worldwide on a rumoured $30-40 million budget), it seems to have at least been an improvement on Fantastic Mr. Fox which made just $46 million on a $40 million budget back in 2009. Either way, his stop motion films cost more to make and are certainly a much harder sell than his live-action ones, which may explain why he is eager to get back to another live-action project right away. We are hearing this week that he is already in the process of setting up his next movie and believe it or not, it sounds like it will be something different for him. Would you believe… a musical? Hit the jump to find out what we know.

According to the French site Charente Libre (via The Playlist), Wes Anderson is currently scouting locations for his next movie in Angoulême, France. The project is said to be set in the 1940s post-World War II and is being described as a musical comedy. Not much else is known at the moment but the movie is expected to start production in late 2018 or early 2019.

Although Wes Anderson has never made a musical before, it certainly makes a lot of sense. Music has always been a key part of his aesthetic and his love of France is also no secret (he currently lives in Paris). The European setting also brings to mind his most recent live-action film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is now his most commercially success movie to date by quite a margine. Are you excited to see a Wes Anderson musical?

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  • Lori Cerny

    Hmm, a musical set in France post WWII… this sounds so trite, but I’m still intrigued based on who he casts.

  • blah

    I’m excited to see a wes anderson “anything”