Supergirl Movie in the Works at Warner Brothers

It’s pretty clear that the DC Universe is still going through a bit of an identity crisis at Warner Brothers right now as the studio attempts to refocus after the failure of Justice League. There have been so many new movies put into development over the past year or two, the majority of them having no direct connection to the superhero team that Zack Snyder had worked so hard to assemble. This week they are adding another movie to the list which may or may not have direct ties to that series. Superman’s cousin Supergirl is reportedly about to get her own feature film even as the cinematic future of The Man of Steel himself remains uncertain. Hit the jump for more info.

According to Deadline, a Supergirl feature film is now in the works at Warner Brothers. Oren Uziel (The Cloverfield Paradox, 22 Jump Street) will pen the script but no director or producer is currently attached. We still don’t know if Superman might also appear but there have been rumours that the studio is looking to replace Henry Cavill and this might be a good way to introduce a new version of the character.

Melissa Benoist currently plays Supergirl on The CW’s TV series while Laura Vandervoort played her on Smallville in the late 2000s. Before that, Helen Slater starred in the “so bad it’s good” 1984 movie (which was just recently released on Blu-ray for the first time). No doubt Warner Brothers will be hoping to repeat some of the success of Wonder Woman as well but I don’t know that Supergirl carries quite the same cultural weight. Are you looking forward to a new Supergirl movie?

  • Maybe they should finish that Batgirl movie first and see how it does before they rush this into production. Or wait and see how the Birds of Prey movie fares. I’m far from a fan of the Marvel movies but at least there are people behind those with a clear plan and structured organization instead of replacing dozens of directors for projects and producing movies about the same character individually yet simultaneously. DC/Warner is such a mess.

  • Lior

    I agree with the comment below. It feels like a mess. Like they are shooting in all directions and hoping something will stick. Batman is the only DC character that translates well to the big screen. Superman worked because of Christopher Reeve. The rest is just wheel-spinning. DC characters are very fantastical and lack the relative realism of Marvel. They simply work better on the page.

    However, when a DC movie is done right, it can be a giddy, epic adventure. It’s just… well… hard to do that without looking very silly. Any attempt to resist the silliness and make it “serious” can backfire. We’ve seen it before. Supergirl was a pretty silly movie back in 1984.

    Maybe DC should stick to TV shows. Seems to be working better for them. Even though said TV shows are boilerplate network fodder, they are successful.