Film Junk Podcast Episode #670: Sorry to Bother You


0:00 – Intro
22:08 – Review: Sorry to Bother You
54:10 – Headlines: Comic-Con Trailers
1:15:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: Unfriended: Dark Web, Phantom Thread, Who is America?, Skyscraper, Tully, I Feel Pretty, Eighth Grade, Truth or Dare
2:28:50 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:31:20 – Outro
2:36:00 – Spoiler Discussion: Sorry to Bother You
2:48:20 – Spoiler Discussion: Tully

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  • devolutionary

    Oh Frankie. “Theatre hopping…[it’s an addict-shyuuuun!]”. On the next Black Mirror.
    This would never fly at theatres, but I wish there was a No-texting zone where cell/Wi-Fi service was automatically disabled. Maybe some bunker/underground barrier lol. No phone usage, no problem. Only enable it at the lobby. People just don’t understand etiquette, much like safety with texting-and-driving! Phones are not a priority in cinemas, people!

  • Newtman98

    I kept thinking of this video during the Eighth Grade discussion.

  • Frankie Knuckles

    This is the video I was thinking of … “Ya Done Goofed”

  • zakbronson

    This is the video I thought of.

  • devolutionary

    Sadly, that song was not spritzer approved. No fire! He does seems more well spoken than most YouTube kids that age.

  • Newtman98
  • Essie

    Thank you.

  • Indianamcclain

    Didn’t think we’d see a new 3 hour FilmJunk episode without Reed.

  • devolutionary

    The only other IM/chat/messaging single-location movie I can think of is 2013’s The Den. It technically pre-dates Unfriended but only got a proper VOD release in 2014. What’s weird is that, like Unfriended, it screams Bekmambetov, got an original Russian release, but isn’t tied to him. It’s a bit darker and less ambiguous too. Doesn’t have the licensing or authentic branding of Unfriended either (budget). Definitely deep web material. Very effective.
    I still think out of mainstream TV, Mr. Robot has represented the Dark Web more accurately than any others.

  • SLionsCricket

    For the Jackie Chan premium, I think Police Story, Drunken Master and The Legend of Drunken Master (aka: Drunken Master II) are essentials. Don’t let The Legend of Drunken Master being a sequel fool you because it’s very high up on quintessential Jackie Chan films and it’s a film that, while I think the whole thing is brilliant, is worth discussion just for its climax. (I wonder if Jay has seen Drunken Master yet.)

    It’ll be nice if Supercop (also get a little Michelle Yeoh in there) and Rumble in the Bronx make the cut but it might be difficult considering that films like Project A and Wheels on Meals (also a nice way to integrate Sammo Hung into the discussions a bit) will likely be represented and that’s understandable. I think a premium that is more strictly a Hong Kong based selection of films could be great fun for a change.

    Maybe it’s obvious Sean (if you read this) but it seems like the perfect premium for Reed to make a guest appearance!

  • Wasn’t there an underground theatre Dax loved where his cell didn’t get service? Potentially dangerous, sure, but sounds like bliss.

  • Tommy

    So after a few eps referencing them, what the hell is a ‘Stag and Doe’? I’m not gonna look it up.
    Guessing a Stag party where the lady’s invited?

  • Indianamcclain

    You liked it more than Unfreinded?

  • devolutionary

    It’s close. Unfriended is the better produced movie and focuses on the familiar (social media), but the Den’s grittier tone made it feel scarier. Both movies ultimately seem to be targeting a different message though.

  • Sean

    Didn’t realize it was mostly a Canadian thing. It’s a party held before a wedding to help the couple raise money. People usually rent out a hall or a club, sell booze and set up various games that cost money to play.

  • traynor

    This definitely does not happen in the U.S. I’ve only heard of it on your podcast.

  • Sean

    Another entry for the ol’ glossary I guess!

  • Lori Cerny

    Agree, mostly, because if you do one Drunken Master, you don’t really need to do a second as the joke wears thin quickly.

    You didn’t mention Armour of God II: Operation Condor – an absolute must!

  • Nic

    Just wanted to say that Zak is my favorite FJ guest. I really love his dynamic with Frank and you should definitely have him on again on an episode where Jay is present as well!

  • schizopolis

    Nice to finally hear a female voice on FJ. Just like you have Greg & Dax come in for Marvel films, have Alicia guest spot for certain films, as well.

    I notice since Jay was gone, Frank manspreads all over the show, full of swagger. Once Alicia shows up, Frank’s mom-mentality shtick suddenly turns into…”the best role models in my life have been mothers”. If I was sipping coffee while hearing that, I would’ve spit all over my keyboard. Great show!

  • Larry Morgan

    I fucking love Zak

  • Larry Morgan

    All hail Zak, dude needs to be on more often

  • Matt the Kiwi

    I managed to catch ‘Searching’ at NZIFF earlier this week and it is a thoroughly enjoyable watch (some pretty sketchy acting in parts but still my second favourite movie of the festival so far).
    I’m not sure an ‘All on a computer screen’ premium would be a good idea for the boys though – it doesn’t matter which film you end up watching last; by then you’d be so over the gimmick you’d end up hating it. How about an Ice Hockey movie premium? Slapshot, Miracle, Youngblood, Mighty Ducks, Mystery Alaska, Goon, The Rocket etc…there are so many, aye?

  • traynor

    I saw Searching in a sneak preview event this week, and it was so bad, I walked out. But the audience was more unbearable than the movie, so it’s hard to know if I was biased.

  • SLionsCricket

    Personally, I never found the joke “wearing thin quickly” (or at all) with The Legend of Drunken Master and I think the climax “boss fight” is right up there among Jackie Chan’s crowning moments. I watched both fairly recently and they were both distinctive enough (the first a little more focused on story and the second, more focused on action setpieces) that there’s plenty that feels different with the two. Elements like having Anita Mui in the sequel just help give it a very different feelign IMO.

    I think I’d agree with you more if you instead said that of “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow”, which had the same cast, director, sense of narrative structure and was released the same year as “Drunken Master”. Those two movies are much more similar IMO than the first two Drunken Master films and in the cae of “Snake…”, I did find the joke wearing a little more thin.

    I like Police Story 2 and I do love the playground fight scene (it’s an amazing little skirmish) but I’m personally happy to to lose it here in favour of The Legend…. which I think is more impressive. I think the climax(es) of both Police Story and Supercop are superior and more definitive accomplishments of the man.

    I’m sure we could go back and forth but we can probably agree that any which way, the Jackie Chan premium will be an almost sure-fire win!

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Sorry to hear that fella – nothing like a shit audience to tarnish a viewing experience. Thankfully I had a well trained film festival audience who only gasped and chuckled at the appropriate times. How far through did you get before bolting?

  • zakbronson

    FJ travel podcast to a Stag and Doe?

  • j-diggle

    Looking forward to this computer screen premium. Timur’s actually directed one himself which is coming out later this year called Profile. It also looks like he’s producing a few more. Man is gonna keep pushing the format until it sticks.

  • j-diggle

    I had a relatively good audience for Searching too, apart from the point when a woman came into the screening about 20 mins in, looked around and left, then came back about 20 mins later and loudly asked “What film is this?” and “How long does it have left?”, what do you think @disqus_rlzBYmriQE:disqus? Theatre hopper?

    Anyway, I quite enjoyed Searching.

  • SLionsCricket

    This was an amazing episode guys! Personally, I love Zak as a guest and the dynamic between him and Frank is fantastic. He’s both interesting to listen to and hilarious at the same time.

    Also the final segment of the episode with Alicia was just superb and she proved to be another fantastic dynamic in this episode. Hopefully she can guest in more often.

    I think this might be one of my favourite episodes (at least in recent memory). An absolute blast of an episode with a couple of great guests.

  • Mister Quigley Jr.

    I really dug this episode, kinda like a VibeCast without Jay around to occasionally harsh the mellow. Thanks, good times.

  • All hail Big Tuna.

  • traynor

    I made it to the lake and the car. That’s the last thing I remember.

  • Sam

    I’ve heard it a lot on another film podcast, but again, those guys are Canandian as well. Haven’t really heard it otherwise.

  • newtaurus

    In America they are sometimes referred to as Jack & Jill’s. Also the wedding party is expected to pay for certain things as well. My girlfriend has been in some weddings recently and has dished out quite a few bucks for get-togethers, bridal showers, etc.

  • It’s not even really a Canadian thing. It’s mostly an Eastern Canadian thing.

  • tyler mikol

    Love when Zak is on the show and Alicia was a nice surprise. I know she’s busy being a rad mom but Id love her to guest for a full show every now and then. Can’t wait for this weeks show!

  • Love the Frank / Zak duo, Zak calls him on his stuff like Jay, but in a more lighthearted way. KneZak just feels good vibing with Sean.

  • Nobody

    Hearing the news about this premium made me look through Chan’s filmography and realize I haven’t seen a good chunk of his well-regarded work. Once you get those essentials out of the way, it seems like there’s still a lot you could cover for a premium, especially if you wanted to try to address the differences in tone or style that can be found in his body of work. I wonder if the guys are going to watch them dubbed or subbed.

    I wish Chan was associated with Sammo’s Eastern Condors so I could recommend that one, which I’d consider one of the best action movies ever made.

  • Lior

    Regarding the Shazam trailer, the comedic “Big” angle was not in the original series but I think they are correct to go that route. It’s the only way to make it palatable for modern audiences, in the age of irony and self-reference.

    I highly recommend the 40’s serial Adventures of Captain Marvel for an interesting look at the same character. The serial is mostly played straight but it has great energy and imagination, one of the best Republic serials ever made.