The Predator Trailer #2


After a somewhat underwhelming initial trailer, the folks at 20th Century Fox have released a new red band trailer for Shane Black’s The Predator this week. As you can probably guess, it focuses a bit more on blood and guts carnage with some R-rated shit talking thrown in for good measure (we all know Shane Black can’t get enough of the latter). I suppose overall it is an improvement but they’re still not doing a great job of building suspense or showcasing action here. Whether they are holding back on purpose or just not marketing the movie well remains to be seen. The Predator hits theatres on Sept. 14th; check out the new trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

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  • eliantigiorgi

    A predator that hunts predators…garbage.

  • Beat_C

    still not buying. in fact i think it looks horrendous.

  • Mark D.

    Wow, that looks really bad. Shockingly bad. Like…TV movie bad. What the hell happened, Shane? Jesus, it looks worse than what the first trailer portended. They should just call it, “Predator: Straight to VOD”.

  • parapa

    Trailer’s ok, but man does it all look pretty cheap. The framegrab from that youtube video looks like absolute trash aesthetically. hope I’m wrong

  • 1138sw

    Gotta agree with everyone here the trailer looks terrible! And what’s with Shane’s infatuation with putting young kids in his movies? I mean the kid in IM3 was ok but here too?

    The Predator franchise has been bad overall and this looks to continue that trend…give me the original which was the best with ARNOLD at the peak of his powers!