Welcome to Marwen Trailer Starring Steve Carell


Just as he did with his 2015 film The Walk, Robert Zemeckis is once again turning to an acclaimed documentary for inspiration for one of his visual effects-driven feature films. Jeff Malmberg’s 2010 documentary Marwencol tells the story of Mark Hogancamp, a man who suffered a brutal attack and now builds a 1/6-scale model town in his yard in order to help deal with the trauma and lost memory. Zemeckis has, of course, taken it a step further by now bringing those models to life with CG, pulling us further into Mark’s fantasy world with Steve Carell playing the lead role. Zemeckis never was one for subtlety and always seems more interested in the technical challenges rather than the emotional ones. That being said, I will admit to being a little curious about this adaptation. Welcome to Marwen hits theatres on Nov. 21st; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Jackson

    I stopped watching when the Foo Fighters started playing.

  • Vom inducing.

  • Beat_C

    what a terrible, terrible idea. this was maybe one of the worst things i’ve ever seen, and my eyes are burning.

  • ScrabbleDavid

    Ok the original was great. This sad mashup of Pixar meets reality is an awful idea.

  • Lori Cerny

    Um, this is just… so… desperate.

    We need a podcast reviewing the worst movies of the year, pretty please, FJ!

  • Mrespony

    This is the saddest thing I’ve seen in awhile. “Pain is our rocket fuel?”….yeeeeeesh

  • Wtf