Film Junk Podcast Episode #665: Incredibles 2


0:00 – Intro
21:10 – Review: Incredibles 2
1:18:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: 47 Ronin, Pacific Rim, Unfriended, Condor, The Incident, Problem Child 2, Evil Genius, The Staircase, The Seven-Ups, Mikey and Nicky
2:01:55 – Outro

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  • Blake in Boston

    Frankie needs to stop being an Anectdullard. We Americans LOVED Mr. Rogers, and have no clue who this Mr. Dressup guy is. Your above-the-border-bias is feeding in BIG TIME, pal. I speak for all Americans in saying: Stop dragging Mr. Rogers reputation through the mud! ;-)

  • LongSlog

    Just wanted to comment to say that I love Dax’s animation discussion. Dax, would you consider putting out audio commentaries on animated movies? I (and many filmjunk fans) would happily consume them (and pay money for them!)

  • Bandit Manatee

    I would almost say Ghost is a metal band that has appeal for people outside of metal and not so much “nerds” (lots of nerds already like metal). They have great vocals and really catchy songwriting. I think jay would actually like that they don’t have pointless guitar wankery or shreddding. Then there is their whole gimmick and stage presence which reminds me of alice cooper or kiss. They definitely not a gimmick or novelty band.

  • John Neylan

    I enjoyed the episode but just want to point out something regarding Frank calling out the name change of The Incredibles to Incredibles II. In his own words the change is,”disgusting”. Yet there is a film precedent for this and it’s a film in Franks own top 100 – Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The original 1984 film is called The Terminator.

  • Colin


  • devolutionary

    Then we can start getting into disgusting movie name retconning like First Blood into Rambo: First Blood>Rambo: First Blood Part II or (Rambo II). We already know Frankie’s disdain for Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  • tyler mikol

    Frank thinks “rock n roll staff room” is funny and we dubbed him the KOC. Jokes on us…

  • Indianamcclain

    I still think X-Men handled the portals better than any recent film. Incredibles 2 did use it better than Avengers though.

  • devolutionary

    Based on Jay’s musical taste on Bandcamp, I still doubt that you could convince him on Ghost. Iron Maiden is probably the quintessential heavy metal band that caters to people of all types although they too feature heavy fantasy themes. For a technically proficient band they certainly don’t turn off many people. The weirdest similar experience for me was watching Dethklok headline in front of two bands who traditionally would be more deserving. Many people were only there for them.

  • Lori Cerny

    56:00 – The moment Frank became George Lucas.

  • pcch7

    Another classic musical moment. Beautiful. Also Frank is totally right about the shirts, the vast majority of mine are either all white or all black

  • pcch7

    Rocky Balboa after Rocky 5 is another offender.

  • kent88

    This is OT but here’s something interesting for the people who put any sort of stock in the Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score:

  • Falsk

    Glad I wasn’t the only one with a brutal viewing experience. It seems silly complaining about kids at a kids’ movie, but being seated next to two 10-year old girls whose parents left them alone to shine their phone lights every which way, kick their noisy trash all around the floor, and just chatter and run in and out of the aisle the whole movie was really rough…

  • Mister Quigley Jr.

    Frank, you know who else thought “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” was too boring at the age of six? All those dumb parents who brought their infants to your theater. And those same infants in 4 years will find OREO MADNESS too bland. Have fun at (THE) INCREDIBLES 3!

  • Aaron

    Somehow I knew Frank was going to be bugged by the title of Incredibles 2 dropping the “The”. It bugs me a little bit too if I’m being honest.

  • ScrabbleDavid

    Fair point. do the DVDs go together under The or Incredibles, or separated? ANARCHY

  • ScrabbleDavid

    PLEASE review Gotti at some point. 0% on RT.

  • tyler mikol

    Mission:Impossible ranking is simple

    1-Rogue Nation
    2- Ghost Protocol
    3- Mission:Impossible
    4- Mission:Impossible 3
    5- Mission:Impossible 2

    I’m super stoked for 6. I think it has a real chance to be thee best of the franchise but like Jay said, Rogue Nation will be tough to beat.

  • Beat_C

    hahaha, gotta love those conspiracy retards.

  • Beat_C

    “we americans” as in all of you americans? ;)

  • Beat_C

    sorry to hear that. what time was the show? i only go to see animated movies in the evening and not dubbed, so there’s usually hardly any children there.

  • Beat_C


  • newtaurus

    And the people who take stock in the critics score?

  • newtaurus

    Great work by everyone on all the podcasts this week.

  • Falsk

    It was 7p on a Monday. But I live in the city and all the kids are off for summer vacation. I have no room to complain. But, well. It’s the internet. So there.

  • B MP Rooney

    Dumpster dive. Incredible episode. Out of nowhere. Had a great vibe even though Sean was there (lol). Prob cuz Jay was primarily focused on anything but the main review. Did we even get star ratings? awesome. Awesome awesome. I love Film Junk so gosh darn much.

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    Lol. Never heard commercials referred to as “corporate trailers”.

  • Tommy

    Frankie, the point of courtroom artists is to capture the vibe of the thing through impressionistic art, rather than the public just getting some snapshot of folks just sitting around.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I wonder if anyone else has remarked how much Jimmy Stewart looks like Mr. Rogers, especially in Hitchcock’s “Rope”. I hope you guys do a sequel to the Hitchcock Premium. Another idea would be to make a new Top 100 movie list episode a Premium episode.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    DVDs and Blu-Rays never go alphabetically under “The”.

  • Kenneth Serenyi
  • parapa

    Rogue Nation is MVP. Between that and the car chase in Jack Reacher, McQuarrie is quickly becoming the modern heir to John Mctiernan when it comes to well directed, purposeful action

  • Aaron

    Right, no issues with alphabetizing them. For Frank it’s all about consistency. #seriescred

  • Brian.M
  • Brian.M

    Just wanna say that I would be more than happy purchase a premium on The Staircase! Or even a doc premium. Would love to hear a more in-depth discussion on The Staircase now that it’s back in people’s minds.

    Would definitely love to hear Frank’s thoughts on The Keepers and Wild Wild Country. Particularly The Keepers.

    As for Evil Genius I did not know when watching that the bomb would actually go off! That had me stunned, and I think that moment and episode 1, and ep 2 were particularly good, but eps 3 and 4 could have been mashed together. The central character was evil sure, but no genius. Besides, it seemed to be a group of people that, just about, worked together, to pull off this crime. Less Ocean’s 8 and more Ocean’s Hate.

  • Lori Cerny

    We could compromise with gray. Gray material always feels coarse, to me.

    Much prefer black Tees as it looks more dressy and doesn’t show stains :).

  • Jake

    According to the episode guide, you guys reviewed The Staircase back on episode 61 (April 9, 2006). It also had Thomas Baychuk as a guest, so definitely a while back and was only the 6th episode since the name change from Space Junk to Film Junk.

    Wow. Love that this podcast has so much history. Dumpster Dive also sounds like a fantastic idea.

  • Sean

    Wow, Tom was on that episode? Man, it’s been quite a while since any of us have spoken to him.

  • Sean

    In case you missed it, we did talk about Wild Wild Country on this episode:

  • Sean

    Definitely a future Dumpster Dive.

  • pcch7

    Gray is also good, but that Darth Vader print will look awesome on a pure white t-shirt

  • Nobody

    Has there been any talk about bringing in Scott and Singe for the Sicario 2 review?

  • Sam

    I’m an American that was always hated Mr. Rogers. I was never actually forced to watch anything when I was kid, but would put on kids shows on my own I believe, but always avoided Mr. Rogers and also kind of avoided Sesame Street too, but not to the same extent.

  • Beat_C

    that would be wonderful!

  • I think that comes from working at a theatre, that’s what they’re called internally, as much as it sounds like corporate jargon.

  • This pretty much sums up your screening right guys?

  • kent88
  • MOSTLY nonviolent.

  • Colin

    Frank, please talk more about your theories re: ugly people.