Film Junk Podcast Episode #665: Incredibles 2


0:00 – Intro
21:10 – Review: Incredibles 2
1:18:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: 47 Ronin, Pacific Rim, Unfriended, Condor, The Incident, Problem Child 2, Evil Genius, The Staircase, The Seven-Ups, Mikey and Nicky
2:01:55 – Outro

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  • Andrew Lincoln

    Aw I sure miss Tom. Always enjoyed his appearances in FJ shared universe. Was he on ep 500?

  • devolutionary

    He was not but I too would be interested if he still lives in the greater Toronto area. Maybe update the episodes to Phishing with Tom. ;)

  • Brian.M

    Thanks for the link Sean. Sometimes I forget you guys cover so many doc bases.

  • Pretty sure it’s legal to drive through red lights if yiuv waited a reasonable amount of time and it is safe to do so. At least in Minnesota it is.

  • Surprised no one mentioned Catherine Keener hypnotizing people in Get Out. Know what I mean?

    In other words, I agree with Jay that who the villain is in Incredibles 2 isn’t remotely a spoiler because it’s obvious from the moment they appear on screen.