Game Junk Podcast Episode #35: E3 2018


0:00 – Intro: E3 General Thoughts and Trends
27:10 – E3 Discussion: EA
54:05 – E3 Discussion: Microsoft
1:31:10 – E3 Discussion: Bethesda / Square Enix
1:41:45 – E3 Discussion: Ubisoft
2:01:35 – E3 Discussion: Sony
2:19:30 – E3 Discussion: Nintendo
2:30:20 – Top 5: E3 Announcements / Highlights
2:37:25 – Outro

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  • Colin

    Looking forward to Episode 36 coming so soon! #girlwood

  • Fo
  • Sean, please do yourself and everyone who loves you a service, and get a new computer.

    Top 10 of 2017 next ep? Thanks for trucking through the technical difficulties, I’ve missed Game Junk!

  • pcch7

    Think they’ve announced Black Desert Online stuff for 3 E3s in a row now

  • Blake in Boston

    Good call on the Game Pass 18 month stacking, Frank. This service is a real game changer, so people better get hip. You can still find this deal in the states through Amazon as well. I bought an Xbox One X specifically with this service in mind, as their “Netflix for Games” service keeps you up to date with all of their day-one releases of tentpole titles (i.e. Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, Forza Horizon 4, etc.) and also opens the door to explore older titles you would have normally passed on.

  • Blake in Boston

    Top 20 E3 Games I Cannot Wait to Play:

    1. The Last of Us: Part II
    2. Death Stranding
    3. Cyberpunk 2077
    4. Ghost of Tsushima
    5. Tunic
    6. Marvel’s Spider-Man
    7. Below
    8. CONTROL
    9. Dying Light 2
    10. Octopath Traveler
    11. Hitman 2
    12. SESSION.
    13. Metro: Exodus
    14. Battlefield V
    15. Wolfenstein: Young Blood
    16. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    17. RAGE 2
    18. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
    19. Resident Evil 2
    20. Super Mario Party

    E3 Press Conferences, Ranked:

    1. Microsoft
    -Quantity over quality, but the best pacing/production of the bunch. Game Pass is a bigger deal than anyone realizes.

    2. Sony
    -Awkward showing, but the games looked amazing. Sony should just do a “Direct” next time.

    3. Ubisoft
    -Fun, fun, fun. I actually joyfully smiled several times watching this.

    4. Devolver Digital
    -Fun, fun, fun. I actually devilishly grinned several times watching this.

    5. Bethesda
    -Andrew W.K. and Todd Howard were the highlights, but the crowd was a wet noodle.

    6. Nintendo
    -I was hoping they’d give me a reason to turn on my Switch at least once this year, but Octopath is the only reason thus far. Where was Yoshi?!

    7. Square-Enix
    -So lame. Kingdom Hearts 3 looks like silly dated anime nonsense, and it’s also not for me (my Disney is Simba and Aladdin).

    8. EA
    -Terrible showing, abysmal host, and too little actual footage of games I care about. Who the god darn heck is “Young Kiv?”

  • Bob

    The episode is not showing on iTunes for me… anyone else has that issue?

  • Sean

    Yeah I just checked and it’s not there yet. I think when you only release an episode once every seven months, they don’t prioritize updating your feed. I’ll try emailing them if it’s not up in another day or so.

  • Mister Quigley Jr.

    Thank you for powering through a late night and still getting this out there for us. I depend on you guys to keep me in the loop somewhat, like I have no idea why Norman Reedus is on Mars cradling a blue thing. But looking forward to finding out, cheers!

  • Blake in Boston

    Norman Reedus will feed us his fetus.

  • devolutionary

    Alienware and Windows 10 updates appear to be his kryptonite. The irony is that many of Dell’s lesser models perform far more efficiently without bizarro issues he’s experienced.

  • I’m not judging or bashing; I’m genuinely curious… why do people use iTunes for podcasts? Do you have to use it if you own an iPhone? Can you not use things like Podkicker or PocketCasts or whatever?

    I just… everytime I open iTunes it’s a clunky, over-bloated mess of an application. Maybe I’m missing something? Is it actually a good product to use – especially for podcasts?

  • pcch7

    I liked the look of that Skull & Bones game but I hope the mechanics have a bit more to them than press a to board etc.

  • Bob

    I use OverCast on my iPhone and iTunes on my desktop. I work from home so iTunes is fine for me, I guess. I’ve never tried the Podcasts app on iPhone.

    That said, I’d be curious to see what people here use when they listen to podcasts on their desktop.

  • Bob

    As of right now, it’s still not there, unfortunately…

  • Gerry

    You should buy the mac mini you were considering Sean, install windows on it via the virtual machine Parallels, (which works brilliantly), isolate windows from the internet using Parallels settings, use the mac os for internet access and the version of windows of your choice in Parallels for uninterrupted podcasting.
    Problem solved.

  • I think I can say I’ve honestly never listened to a podcast on my desktop. No idea why; I just haven’t. If I did I’d probably use Google Play Music or Tidal since I have those apps open anyway.

  • Louis Peterson

    FYI, when it first appeared in my feed it showed a 2017 publish date and sorted behind the two most recent episodes.

  • Bob

    Good to know, thanks for the tip — it’s there now!