Disney / Fox Deal Still Up in the Air as Comcast Makes Another Bid


When it was announced back in December that Disney had acquired 21st Century Fox, it was still far from a done deal. That didn’t stop fans from speculating that some of their favourite Fox-owned Marvel properties might already start making their way into the MCU this year, perhaps even as part of The Avengers: Infinity War. That obviously didn’t happen, but now there is a chance it may be forced to remain wishful thinking. This week Comcast has put in another last minute bid for Fox in an attempt to swoop in and steal the company’s assets from Disney. Hit the jump to find out what we know.

According to AdWeek, Comcast has made a $65 billion all-cash offer to acquire 21st Century Fox, a significant improvement on Disney’s $52.4 billion offer. Comcast had made a previous bid in the low $60 billion range back before Disney got involved, but the discussions were terminated due to antitrust concerns. With this week’s huge decision regarding AT&T’s $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner, it seems they are no longer particularly worried about any legal restrictions.

As with the Disney deal, this acquisition will not include Fox News, Fox Business Network and Fox Broadcasting, all of which will be spun off into a new company. What remains to be seen is whether the Fox board will spark to this offer. The Disney deal obviously had a lot of so-called “synergy” with several Marvel and Star Wars properties coming together under one roof, for example. On the other hand, perhaps some of Fox’s R-rated properties (ie. Alien, Predator, Die Hard) will get more attention and better treatment from Comcast than they would at Disney. Are you disappointed by this news? Do you think the Disney / Fox will ultimately win out?

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  • Jake

    “$65 billion all-cash offer”


  • Lior

    Have to say I’m rooting for Comcast here. Disney has too much already and I feel splitting up the studio cake is more beneficial in the long run. Personally I don’t care at all about bringing the X-Men into the MCU because I don’t really care about the MCU and Fox has done a pretty good job with their stand alone X-Men titles so far. I was also never enthusiastic about Fox being swallowed into Disney and losing its personal stamp as a studio.