The Old Man and the Gun Trailer Starring Robert Redford


Building on an eclectic filmography that includes Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Pete the Dragon and A Ghost Story, David Lowery’s next project behind the camera is a comedic crime film that is also his first work based on a true story. The Old Man and the Gun stars Robert Redford as Forrest Tucker, a career criminal who broke out of prison at age 70 and went on a spree of robberies and heists. This will supposedly be Redford’s final performance before retiring as an actor, which could help give it some pull when awards season rolls around. The Old Man and the Gun co-stars Sissy Spacek, Casey Affleck, Tom Waits, Elisabeth Moss, Isiah Whitlock, Jr. and Keith Carradine and it hits theatres on Sept. 28th. Check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Jake

    Sign me up!

  • 1138sw

    Lovely, lovely, lovely…nice to see some calm sentiment on the big screen.

    Since the death of Newman it seems Redford is the last of the classic handsome sentimental men. Throw him on the screen with Spacek and you got some dynamite on screen. See it on the trailer already. Count me in!

  • parapa

    Looks great! I’m assuming this was shot on super16, feels right