New to Theatres This Weekend: Ocean’s 8, Hereditary, Hotel Artemis


After a handful of smaller releases last weekend, Warner Brothers hopes to bring the box office back to life with Ocean’s 8 this weekend. While Steven Soderbergh’s three Ocean’s films were never really giant blockbusters (they all opened in the high $30 million range), there is a possibility that this one could go a bit higher by catering to an underserved female audience. Other alternatives in wide release include the A24 horror movie Hereditary, which is riding a wave of ecstatic reviews, and the John Wick-esque action-thriller Hotel Artemis. In select theatres, be on the lookout for Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, the acclaimed Mr. Rogers documentary. What will you be watching this weekend?

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  • Lori Cerny

    Just got back from Hereditary…

    My screening was about twenty people, deathly quiet throughout the entirety, and I was on pins & needles due to the score. Lovely subtle details and Toni Collette was wonderfully raw.

    Not sure if the ending exactly sticks the landing, but definitely 8/10 for me.