Monday Morning Box Office Report: Solo Suffers Steep Decline, Action Point Implodes


Following up on last weekend’s disappointing debut, Solo: A Star Wars Story continued its sluggish performance at the box office as the movie dropped 65% to earn $29 million in its second weekend. It now sits at $264 million worldwide and it is pretty clear that it won’t come anywhere close to the $1 billion mark that the previous three Star Wars movies hit. Deadpool 2 is faring much better, remaining in second place by adding another $23 million to bring it just shy of $600 million worldwide. In third place, Adrift topped all new releases with an estimated $11.5 million, while The Avengers: Infinity War and Book Club rounded out the top 5. Elsewhere, the microbudget sci-fi thriller Upgrade opened in sixth with $4.46 million while Action Point starring Johnny Knoxville flat out bombed with a catastrophic $2.3 million. That’s gotta hurt.

1. Solo: A Star Wars Story — $29.3M
2. Deadpool 2 — $23.3M
3. Adrift — $11.5M
4. The Avengers: Infinity War — $10.4M
5. Book Club — $6.8M
6. Upgrade — $4.5M
7. Life of the Party — $3.5M
8. Breaking In — $2.8M
9. Action Point — $2.3M
10. Overboard — $2.0M

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  • Jake

    Wow. It didn’t even cross 30 million in it’s second weekend. It’s going to barely cross 200 million domestically, which for a Star Wars moving must be very alarming for the Disney execs.

  • Claudio

    I hope it is.

  • Reed Farrington

    On last week’s podcast, I almost made the prediction that Solo’s second weekend would out gross its first weekend. No one listens to me anyway.

    (Sean, your sentence ending this post for Knoxville is hilarious.)

  • Colin

    And to think, Knoxville nearly lost his eye for this stinker

  • 1138sw

    To bad. I hated the SWTLJ and really did not care for the SWTFA either but I’m still into seeing SW movies. I understand the reason for the boycott though I’m not sure that was the entire reason for the movie bombing.

    That being said I like/enjoyed Solo. Yeah I had problems with it but for the most part eh action was good and the actors performed well. Alden wasn’t Ford and I don’t think people should expect him to be. He was better than I thought, even with all my reservations and meager expectations.

    I never had a problem with a Solo movie…he’s a great character and seeing his adventures prior to a New Hope, I always thought, would be cool. Unfortunately with the movie not doing well the future of Solo is pretty bleak.

  • newtaurus

    You got the boycott, you got the very public issues with the production, and you got the “That’s not Harrison Ford” crowd. A perfect storm.

  • Nobody

    On a prior podcast, I remember Sean informed you that movies in wide release typically don’t see increases at the box office in the second weekend. For blockbusters, the first weekend is always the biggest.

    Do you think you’ll watch Rogue One some day? A lot of people seemed to liked it well enough initially and it managed to gross over a billion at the box office, but I don’t see much positivity surrounding it now. I haven’t seen Solo, but perhaps perception of that one will change over time. Also, it’s a shame we’ll probably never get to hear that Bell story, but the episode was glorious nonetheless.

  • Reed Farrington

    I was thinking my positive review would send peeps in droves to see Solo on the second weekend. :-)

    I really want to see Rogue One since it has Donnie Yen in it. All the negativity over the movie makes me want to see it more.

    The Bell story will be told on the podcast, but I didn’t get much reaction telling Jay and other friends the story over a game of Catan so I’m even less enthused about relating the story.

  • Nobody

    Well, I actually liked Rogue One more than the other new Star Wars movies I’ve seen so far. A common criticism is the characters are dull and underdeveloped. To pull a word you have used a few times before, I think many people found them too “ordinary,” but that ordinariness is what made them more likable to me than the new characters from Ep. 7 and 8. It would definitely be interesting to find out what you think of the film. I think Yen’s character perhaps veers too close to a stereotypical Asian martial arts master type, but I still liked his performance.

    You need to remember that if your stories bore or irritate the other guys, especially Jay, it may just enhance the listening experience. It’s a strange, wonderful storytelling gift you have there.