Willow Sequel Under Consideration at Lucasfilm


When Ron Howard was brought in to replace Phil Lord and Chris Miller on Solo: A Star Wars Story, it was the first time he had worked with Lucasfilm since he directed the 1988 fantasy film Willow. The project also reunited Howard with Willow star Warwick Davis, who has a small role in Solo. With all this going on, it was probably inevitable that the discussion might turn to a Willow sequel, which has been rumoured for years, most recently as a possible TV series. Now Ron Howard has confirmed that a sequel is a very real possibility although it is still unclear what form it might take. Here’s what he had to say:

“I don’t want to give away too much, but there is a little talk of Willow… We wouldn’t call it Willow 2, I think it would focus a lot on Elora Danan, although Willow would have to be significantly involved.”

“I thought about that movie a lot as I was working on Solo because there are certain scenes, especially around some of the Madmartigan stuff, was reminiscent of a character with that kind of swagger and bravado. And also some of the humor around some of the action in Willow was something I inspired to get into Solo.”

Howard later tweeted that they were “seriously exploring it with Lucasfilm.” Elora Danan is the child that Willow must protect in the original film because her birth is prophesized to lead to the downfall of the evil sorceress Queen Bavmorda. Warwick Davis has stated many times that he is game for a Willow sequel (it became a running gag in his HBO series Life’s Too Short). It is somewhat unclear, however, if Val Kilmer would be willing to return as Madmartigan. Are you interested in returning to the world of Willow?

  • Lori Cerny

    Well, Kilmer is still having health problems, but it would be nice if he could manage a cameo.. or something. Davis seems to be doing okay.

    Is it too late to return to the story, though?

  • Deven Science

    I sure wish they would release Willow on Baby Blu.

  • Loren

    It’s been on baby blu for years my friend. Did you mean 4k?

  • Deven Science

    No, I meant Blu-ray. It may have been technically released, but used copies for $61 on Amazon is not the kind of availability I have been hoping for.