Film Junk Podcast Episode #661: Deadpool 2


0:00 – Intro
13:45 – Review: Deadpool 2
47:37 – Other Stuff We Watched: Deadpool, Black Panther, Batman Begins, Evil Genius, Silicon Valley: Season 5, Highpoint
1:16:10 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:21:35 – Outro
1:22:45 – Spoiler Discussion: Deadpool 2

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  • devolutionary

    Nice on the surprise premium selection! By coincidence, I just happened to watch Bill and Ted (the steelbook pkg) again this weekend. I never realized the bonus doc was an hour long.

  • Colin

    1. Instead of a regular Premium, please just do a bathroom exorcism.
    2. Barring #1, please include Bio-Dome along with Bill & Ted/Buckaroo Banzai

    Thanks in advance

  • Colin

    I’d also accept Encino Man

  • newtaurus

    I agree with Frank on his “Origin Story” take. Spider-Man’s origin story is essential to his character but it wasn’t even mentioned in Homecoming. The Feigebots will tell you “well you should’ve watched Civil War” where it was briefly mentioned but that doesn’t really make sense to me.

  • ????Barlton Canks????

    I’m gonna need a full discussion of each song from the Bill and Ted soundtrack…I remember Frank and I spontaneously singing Two Heads are Better Than One at a Catan night haha

  • devolutionary

    Frank? Is Custom-Vivid setting (at 50 contrast?) really the best way to experience 4K? Better Bedroom Beaters with a (sound) Bar? The way the filmmakers intended huh.

  • Tommy

    Alex Winters’ Freaked! has gotta be on the Bill&Ted premie.

  • Kasper

    Encino Man would be a lot of fun.

  • So Frank “audio-doesn’t-matter” Knezic watches 4k on vivid… 50 SHARPNESS?! Hoo boy.

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    I think this is being saved for the inevitable Pauly Shore premium.

  • Indianamcclain

    I remember liking Freaked.

  • Jameson

    I haven’t seen Buckaroo Banzai but I was eyeing the Best Buy steelbook so might have to blind buy this.

  • Beat_C

    this episode had me in tears throughout ????

  • BZ

    I have been asking the Boys for YEARS to review Freaked. This has to be the perfect time!

  • Jonny Ashley

    Can someone remake the torture scene from Princess Bride, but with Frank adjusting the sharpness settings to 50 on a TV? Jay playing the Christopher Guest role… “Not to 50!!!”

  • Deven Science

    It was briefly mentioned in Homecoming. His friend asked if he might be able to be bitten by the same spider, and Peter replied that it was dead.

  • Deven Science

    I also thought of Freaked.

  • newtaurus

    You’re right. I was referring to the Power/Responsibility portion of his origin. Without that he came off like some brat who just wanted to impress Iron Man as opposed to someone trying to fix a wrong that can’t be undone.

  • Tim C

    In the discussion of all of the different movies that Deadpool 2 “ripped off”, I’m surprised that no one mentioned that the main story is very similar to Looper (2012).

    Cable is essentially Bruce Willis’ character, going back in time to try to kill a supernaturally powered kid who would grow up to kill Cable/Willis’ family.

  • Mattf122

    You know by now everyone knows spider-man’s origin because of the Raimi and the Marc web spiderman movies. Why the fuck would I want to see it AGAIN? I’m glad they cut that bullshit out in homecoming.

  • Mattf122

    True I noticed how similar it was

  • Mattf122

    “Ryan Reynolds is bad because he loves dead pool too much. He owned the role too much” Frank can you phrase you points better. That sounds more like a compliment than a criticism lmao.

  • traynor

    I know what he means. I felt that way about Robert Downey Jr. and the Iron Man thing. Constantly being “in character” makes his actual persona (if there is one anymore) feel like as much an invention as that of a character he was hired to play. Imagine if you were hired to play a biker and then spent the rest of your life pretending to be a ride-or-die Hell’s Angel. It just feels artificial and kind of lame. It’s nice if he wants to get into the costume and surprise kids in the hospital or something, but beyond that, it’s just sort of boring and is embarrassing (for me) to witness.

  • gibson8

    Sean – Leitch = Leech

    If you don’t know something find out and stop guessing buddy.

  • gibson8

    It’s another form of over-acting. Revelling in the role to such a degree that you are showing-off. That sort of performance is usually associated with rock stars.

  • gibson8

    Tom Cruise – Tropic Thunder was the origin of the unexpected ‘straight’ celebrity cameo.